What should a teacher talk about at open house?

For teachers, the purpose is to discuss the standards they plan to cover, upcoming field trips, events, and fundraisers, dive deep into the daily routines of the students’ school day, and maybe discuss homework or online learning programs they use.

How do you prepare for an open house at school?


  1. Send out mailings early. “If you build it, they will come.” Not if they don’t know about it.
  2. Prepare information packets.
  3. Prepare home-school handbooks.
  4. Meet real needs of parents.
  5. Make it fun and enjoyable.

How do teachers prepare for an open house?

What You Need to Do BEFORE Open House:

  1. Arrange Desks and Assign Names/ Name Tags! Kids love to come in and see where they are sitting!
  2. Have your basic layout arranged so that the kids can get used to where everything is.
  3. LABEL important areas so they can get a feel for your classroom!
  4. Print out the following:

What do you talk about at meet the teacher night?

Briefly tell the parents and students about your education, how long you’ve been teaching, what you enjoy most about your job and maybe a bit of personal information like your hobbies outside of school and your family.

What do you talk about at an open house?

5 Topics to Discuss at Open House Night

  • Introduce Yourself. Make sure to introduce yourself!
  • Discuss the Curriculum. Your parents want to know the ins and outs of the major core curriculum subjects.
  • Discuss Rules, Routines, and Procedures.
  • Completed Professional Evaluations or Medications.
  • Respect Respect Respect.

What is the point of a school open house?

Most districts offer an event referred to as Open House. The purpose of these events is to allow the parents/guardians an opportunity to come to the school and become acclimated for this school year.