What race is Telugu?

Telugu people (Telugu: తెలుగువాళ్లు, romanized: Teluguvāḷlu), or Telugus, or Telugu vaaru, are the largest of the four major Dravidian ethnolinguistic groups in terms of population. Telugus are native to the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and the Yanam district of Puducherry.

What kind of people are Telugu people?

The Telugu people are an ethnic group that speaks Telugu as a native language and/or trace their origin to the Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Large populations of the Telugu people are also found in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Odisha.

Is Telugu a Hindu?

The vast majority of Telugus are Hindus. There are also some Telugu castes that have converted to Christianity and Islam. Each village has its main temple—often dedicated to a great Hindu god, usually Rama or Siva—as well as small shrines to numerous village deities, most of which are female.

Which country has more Telugu population?

Telugu diaspora

తెలుగు ప్రవాసులు
Total population
United States 415,414
Saudi Arabia 337,000
Myanmar 139,000

Where did Telugu come from?

Telugu originated from the Proto-Dravidian language. It probably split from Proto-Dravidian between 1500 BCE and 1000 BCE, which was roughly the same time the Tamil language became distinct in terms of literary activity[1].

Is Tamil and Telugu same?

Tamil and Telugu are Dravidian languages that are spoken in the southern states of India. Tamil is spoken in Tamil Nadu and Telugu in Andhra Pradesh. There are a number of differences between these two languages. The Indian Government declared Tamil a classical language in 2004.

What kind of language is Telugu?

Dravidian language family
Telugu language, largest member of the Dravidian language family. Primarily spoken in southeastern India, it is the official language of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Who is Telugu God?

Venkateswara, also known by various other names, is a form of the Hindu god Vishnu….Venkateswara.

Affiliation Vishnu
Abode Vaikuntam, Tirumala
Mantra Om Namo Venkatesaya, Om Namo Narayana
Weapon Shanku, Chakram

Are Tamil and Telugu same?

Is Telugu a nice language?

Telugu Language History: Telugu language is one of the ancient and beautiful language in the world. The word Telugu came from the world Trilinga, which is the same deities in the temples of Srisailam, Drakasharamam, and Kaleswaram. These three temples are located in the territory of telugu speaking people.

What is the sweetest language in India?

Bengali: Originated from Sanskrit, Bengali has been ranked the sweetest of all languages in the world. It is spoken mainly in parts of east India (West Bengal) and all over Bangladesh. Even though there is a slight difference in accent and style at different parts, the main dialect remains the same.

Is Telugu same as Hindi?

According to linguists, Telugu is a Dravidian language. That is to say, it does not belong to the Indo-Aryan family to which Hindi, Sanskrit, Latin and Greek belong.