What race is Jimmy Neutron?

Being the only child, he is very close to his family. Unfortunately, he is considered the black sheep on Hugh’s side of the family, due to all the trouble he’s caused. The only other relative who likes him besides his parents is his Cousin Gomer.

What state is Jimmy Neutron set in?

Retroville, Texas
Anyone who grew up watching Nickelodeon in the early and mid aughts surely remembers the crazy antics a swirly-haired kid named James Isaac Neutron would get into in the fictional town of Retroville, Texas on The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

What is Jimmy Neutron’s hometown?

Retroville is the city where The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron is set. Evidence points to it being located in Texas, with several references as it located there (ranches nearby, warm climate, as well as phone numbers being in the 212 area-code).

Is Jimmy in Planet Sheen?

Nesmith, Aseefa, The Emperor, and Pinter, and ones from the original series, Debi Derryberry, Rob Paulsen, Candi Milo, and Jeff Bennett (the voices of Jimmy, Carl, Nick, and Sydney Moist) as the voices of Princess Oomlout, Doppy, Chock Chock, Dorkus and Grish.

Is Jimmy Neutron’s real name James?

James Isaac Neutron is the titular and main character from the film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and its spin-off Nickelodeon computer animated television series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

Where is retroville located Jimmy Neutron?

Retroville is located in Texas, as evidenced in the episode “Stranded”.

Why does Doppy look like Carl?

Carl was supposed to appear in the series, in which it would’ve been about him and Sheen stealing Jimmy’s rocket, but a Nickelodeon executive wanted it to be just about Sheen and so, Doppy was made.

Why did Libby change her hair?

In “Beach Party Mummy”, Libby is given a new hairstyle, dreadlocks as part of Jimmy’s plan to make Libby look like her ancestor, Queen Hasabataslapya and put the mummies to sleep for 10 trillion more years. Libby likes the new hairstyle so much that she decides to keep it.

Who is Jimmy Neutron’s crush?

Betty Quinlan is a minor character in the series. She is a fellow student at Lindbergh Elementary School and was Jimmy’s love interest before Cindy.