What offset are 350Z wheels?

The most common ES2 wheels used by 350z owners are either 19×9.5” or 19×10.5” with a low offset, or 18×10.5”.

What size are stock 350Z wheels?

The most common size of the RPF1 that you’re going to see on the 350z is a 18×9. 5 +15mm in the front with a 18×10. 5 +15mm in the back (if you want a staggered setup).

What is the lug pattern for a 2008 350Z?

All generations of the Nissan 350Z have a bolt pattern of 5×114.3mm (5×4.5″) and a wheel with a center bore of 66.1mm. Furthermore, they have five lug nuts with a thread size of M12 x 1.25 that need to be tightened with 73 – 93 ft-lbs (98 – 127 Nm) of force.

What size tires are on a 2006 Nissan 350Z?

Front: P245/40R18, rear: P265/35R19 (Track · Grand Touring Coupe)
Front: P225/45R18, rear: P245/45R18 (Base · Touring · Enthusiast · Convertible)
2006 Nissan 350Z/Tire size

What size tires are on a Nissan 350Z?

2005 Nissan 350Z 35th Anniversary Edition Front Tire Size: 225/45R18 Rear Tire Size: 245/45R18

Front Tire Size Front Tire Pressure (PSI) Load Index
225/45R18 35 91 1356 lbs.

Will a 18×9 5 fit in a 350Z?

Do 18×9. 5 +38 wheels on 255/35 tires fit on a 2003 Nissan 350Z RWD with Raceland Coilovers? Yes they do! This 2003 Nissan 350Z RWD is running Rota Grid V 18×9.

Will 350Z wheels fit 370z?

They will fit for sure.

What is my stock wheel offset?

Your wheel offset is the distance from where you mount your wheel to the wheel’s center. The centerline is the literal “center” of the width of your wheel. This centerline is also known as a 0 mm offset. That’s important to note because your wheel offset is always measured in millimeters.

How do I know my wheel offset?

Subtract the smaller number from the larger number. That gives you the offset of the wheel. If the centerline number is smaller than the hub measurement, offset is positive.

What size tires are on a 350Z?