What movies are playing in Malaysia?

Top Gun: Maverick. Action, Drama. 130 Minutes. English. 26th May 2022 Book Now Movie Info.

  • Jurassic World Dominion. Action, Adventure. 147 Minutes. English.
  • KKN Di Desa Penari. Horror. 120 Minutes. Indonesian.
  • Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Action, Fantasy. 126 Minutes. English.
  • Memory. Action, Thriller. 144 Minutes. English.
  • Can under 18 go to cinema in Malaysia?

    Cinema Safety Standards Kids under 18, accompanied by fully vaccinated guardians are now permitted into the cinemas. No entry for guests above 37.5° Celsius and those with symptoms.

    How many cinemas are there in Malaysia?

    169 cinemas
    Malaysia has 169 cinemas operating throughout the country. The only states without cinemas are Perlis and Kelantan. The largest cinema operator is Golden Screen Cinemas. There are other large operators such as TGV Cinemas, MBO Cinemas, Lotus Five Star and mmCineplexes.

    What is GSC big?

    GSC – When in doubt, go BIG 👀 #GSCBIG with Dolby Atmos promise you the truly immersive movie experience, with BIG Screen, BIG Sound, and BIG Experience! ✨ GSCBIG is now available in GSC Tropicana Gardens Mall and GSC The Starling Mall! Get your tickets now and see #Venom2, #Eternals, and upcoming #NoTimeToDie!

    How much is a movie ticket in Malaysia?

    Be aware of the pricing structure

    Cinema GSC TGV
    Weekday (before 12pm) RM11 RM10
    Weekday (after 12pm) RM22 RM15
    Wednesday RM11 to RM14 RM10 to RM12
    Weekend (before 12pm) RM11 RM10

    Can you eat inside cinema?

    Can I buy popcorn and drinks to eat inside the cinema? Yes, groups of five are allowed in cinemas. However, for customers to be able to be in groups of five, F&B service at cinemas will have to be disallowed. Food and beverages in cinemas are only allowed if all customers are in groups of two.

    Can 13 year old go to cinema?

    The Classification And Rating Administration’s R rating means that children under the age of 17 are not allowed admittance to a movie theater showing such a movie unless accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

    Can 12 years old go to cinema?

    According to GSC, kids under 12 years old are allowed to enter their cinema halls if they are accompanied by parents or guardians who are fully vaccinated. To recap, cinemas were allowed to resume operations in September but it is only permitted for fully vaccinated adults aged 18 years old and above.

    What is the first Malay film?

    Leila Majnun
    Malaysian cinema began in 1933 with Leila Majnun, based on a classical Persian story of two ill-fated lovers. Directed by B.S. Rajhans and produced by the Singapore-based Motilal Chemical Company of Bombay, the cast was derived from a local opera group.

    How many GSC are there in Malaysia?

    As of December 2021, GSC has 504 screens in 55 locations throughout Malaysia.