What Marvel Lego sets are coming out in 2021?

76191: Infinity Gauntlet Sets. Marvel Super Heroes | 2021.

Is there a new Lego Avengers game coming out?

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers 2: The Infinity Saga is the forth installment in the LEGO Marvel Video Game series. Watch the all-new trailer for LEGO┬« Marvel Super Heroes 2, coming November 14….2020.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 3: Invasion
Platforms: XBOX 360 XBOX ONE Playstation 3 Playstation 4 Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS

Will there be a Lego Marvel Avengers 3?

It will be released either in 2021 or the beginning of 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S.

Will there be a Lego Marvel Avengers 2?

It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released….Custom:Lego Marvel’s Avengers 2: The Infinity Saga.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers 2: The Infinity Saga
Mode(s): Single player, simultaneous two player
Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Is there a Wandavision Lego?

LEGO Is Making Minifigures for Marvel’s ‘Wandavision,’ ‘Loki,’ ‘What If,’ and ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ This includes a T’Challa Star-Lord minifgure. LEGO has just announced a line of Marvel Studios Minifigures based on their multiple Disney+ series.

Will there be a Lego Marvel infinity Saga game?

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers: The Infinity Saga is a Lego-themed action-adventure videogame developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Macintosh and Microsoft Windows.

Will there be a Lego Avengers: Infinity War game?

Lego Avengers: Infinity War is a game centered around the movie Avengers: Infinity War the 3rd Avengers movie which includes characters like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, Black Widow and many others. The game also lets you travel to many locations like Titan, Knowhere, Wakanda, etc.

What Lego game is Thanos in?

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
In advance of Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters this week, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is giving players the chance to play as The Mad Titan, Thanos, for a villainous twist.

Will there be a Lego Avengers Infinity War game?

Who is the main villain in Lego Marvel 2?

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2’s storyline centers around superheroes from different eras and realities of the Marvel Universe as they fight against the time-travelling villain Kang the Conqueror in a battle across space and time.

Where is the Daily Bugle Lego Marvel?

LEGO Marvel Superheroes The Daily Bugle is part of the level Times Square Off, as well as the backdrop to the Deadpool level Tabloid Tidy-up.