What kind of oil does a 2002 Yamaha Grizzly 660 take?

Yamalube Oil Change Kit 10W-40 for Yamaha GRIZZLY 660 4×4 2002-2008.

How many quarts of oil does a Yamaha Grizzly hold?

Fill the engine with 2.11 quarts of 10W40 ATV engine oil, and reinstall the dipstick.

What kind of oil do you use in a Yamaha Grizzly?

Synthetic 10W-40 For YAMAHA YFZ450R 2009-2022.

What kind of oil does my Grizzly 600 take?

Oil Change Kit With Yamalube All Purpose 10W-40 for Yamaha GRIZZLY 600 4×4 1998-2001.

How many cc is a grizzly 660?

660 cm3
Engine: It uses a four-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder SOHC engine. The forward-inclined powerplant has a bore-stroke ratio of 100 by 84 mm (3.94 × 3.31 inches). It has an engine displacement of 660 cm3, a compression ratio of 9.1:1, and a wet sump lubrication system.

How much oil does a 2001 Grizzly 600?

The Grizzly 600’s capacity is 2.1-quarts. If you ride in temperatures from below zero to 30 degrees F, Yamaha recommends 5W-30 oil; from 10 degrees F through 100 degrees F, Yamaha recommends 10W-30; from 40 degrees F through 120 degrees F, Yamaha says to use 20W-40 oil.

How much oil does a Yamaha Grizzly 350 take?

YAMAHA 2007-2014 GRIZZLY 350 OIL CHANGE KIT 3 QUARTS 10W40 + OIL FILTER is available here.

What kind of oil does a grizzly 350 take?

How do you clean the air filter on a Yamaha Grizzly 700?

Cleaning and Oiling a Yamaha Grizzly YFM700 Air Filter

  1. Spray the air filter with foam air filter cleaner.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the air filter in water and squeeze it dry.
  3. Leave the filter to air dry completely.
  4. Clean the inside of the airbox with contact/brake cleaner while you’re waiting for the filter to dry.

What kind of oil does a 2000 Yamaha Grizzly take?

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are the solution for riders who want the most from their 2000 Yamaha Grizzly. They resist extreme heat and stress from aggressive riding or hard work, even in temperature extremes.