What is Trilex seed treatment?

Trilex® flowable fungicide provides unmatched broad-spectrum protection against stand-reducing diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Fusarium, as well as seedborne fungi that attack your crop during the critical planting-to-emergence phase.

What is Raxil seed treatment?

RAXIL controls or suppresses certain designated seed and soilborne diseases of wheat, barley and oats. C ” ‘ommercial seed treatment equipment. Prepare a slurry by mixing the specified dosage in 9 to 20 fl. oz.

What is Trilex EverGol?

Overview. Trilex® EverGol® fungicide seed treatment lets you control how you want to treat your seed and protect your crop. With exceptional flexibility and disease protection, applicators and growers can reap the rewards of its concentrated formula to adjust water volumes and optimize coverage.

How do you use EverGol Xtend?

Prior to pouring, shake the container vigorously, then add the required quantity of EverGol Xtend to sufficient water to give even coverage of the seed to be treated. Ensure that a high enough slurry volume is used to gain even coverage on each seed.

What is FS in pesticides?

Flowable concentrates for seed treatment (FS) FS formulations are a modification of suspension concentrates (SC) with supplemental additives for adhesion to the seed surface and colourants as safety markers to indicate that a seed has been treated with a product.

What is ZC in pesticides?

ZC is a mixed formulation of CS and SC and is a stable aqueous suspension of microcapsules and solid fine particles, each of which contains one or more active ingredients. The formulation is intended for dilution into water prior to spray application.

What is WP and WG?

Water-dispersible Granules (WGs) and Wettable Powder (WP) are two important types of agrochemical formulations.

Which formulation most readily penetrates the skin?

Oil soluble pesticides enter the skin more readily than those that are water soluble, while liquid formulations usually penetrate skin faster than dusts, wettable powders and granular pesticides.

What is EW formulation?

An EW formulation technology creates a smaller particle size than an EC formulation. The smaller oil droplets result in more active ingredients impacting the leaf surface, which leads to improved efficacy. Engineered for use in low-volume and conventional sprayers. Lower odor profile compared to EC.