What is the world gas price?

The global average price of a gallon of gas, in American dollars, is about $5.13, according to GlobalPetrolPrices.com.

What day has the lowest gas prices?

A Feb. 2022 survey by GasBuddy found that gas is the cheapest on Mondays in most states across the country, and Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday were the most expensive days.

What is the gas price in Brampton?


Price Station City
190.5 Shell 9919 Airport Rd Brampton May 13,8:26 PM Brampton
190.5 Esso 43 Mountainash Rd Brampton May 13,7:15 PM Brampton
190.5 Circle K 230 Wanless Dr Brampton May 13,6:12 PM Brampton
190.5 Dost Petroleum 13823 Hurontario St Caledon May 13,10:13 AM Caledon

Where is world’s cheapest gas?

Here are the top ten countries with the cheapest gas prices, according to Global Petrol Prices :

  • Venezuela.
  • Libya.
  • Iran.
  • Syria.
  • Algeria.
  • Angola.
  • Kuwait.
  • Russia.

What are the gas prices in Canada?

Canada Gasoline prices, 23-May-2022

Canada Gasoline prices Litre Gallon
CAD 2.209 8.362
USD 1.730 6.549
EUR 1.618 6.125

Are gas prices up around the world?

Gas prices are much higher in many countries around the world – Los Angeles Times.

Why are prices so high?

The pandemic and the supply chain crisis have pushed the cost of virtually everything higher. Food and cars are more expensive, as are transport and labor costs, making inflation the buzzword of the moment. In February, consumer prices increased at a level not seen since the start of 1982.

What are gas prices in Ontario?

The average price for gas in Ontario on Friday is 196.8 per litre, down slightly from Thursday’s average of 196.9, and up from last month’s average of 177.9 and last year’s average of 125.9 per litre, according to the CAA.