What is the weather like in Wyoming during September?

Daily high temperatures decrease by 11°F, from 78°F to 66°F, rarely falling below 53°F or exceeding 86°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 10°F, from 52°F to 42°F, rarely falling below 32°F or exceeding 59°F.

Does it snow in Wyoming in September?

Weather: Autumn in Wyoming is a delight. Many locations will see snow in mid-September, but it doesn’t get to be real winter until late November.

What is the rainiest month in Wyoming?

The month with the most wet days in Wyoming is July, with an average of 11.3 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. The drier season lasts 7.1 months, from August 27 to March 31.

How much snow does Wapiti Wyoming get?

38.7 in
Climate Averages

Wapiti, Wyoming United States
Snowfall 38.7 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 64.1 days 106.2 days
Sunny 235 days 205 days
Avg. July High 80.3° 85.8°

Is September a good month to go to Yellowstone?

The best times to visit Yellowstone National Park are from late April to May as well as September through early October. These shoulder months offer mild weather, fewer crowds and little to no road closures.

Is Yellowstone cold in September?

Weather in September At Yellowstone Lake, the average temperature is a high of 61, and a low of 31 degrees Fahrenheit (16/ -1 degrees Celsius). On average, it rains 5 days in September.

What is the best month to visit Wyoming?

If you want to avoid crowds, choose late spring or early fall as the best time to visit Wyoming. Both seasons are known for mild weather, lower prices, and fun events and activities. You might just see some baby animals in April or May, and in September or October you can spend your time climbing, cycling, or fishing.

Is it cold in Yellowstone in September?

Daily high temperatures decrease by 12°F, from 71°F to 59°F, rarely falling below 44°F or exceeding 79°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 8°F, from 41°F to 33°F, rarely falling below 25°F or exceeding 48°F.

Which town in Wyoming has the best weather?

Thermopolis has the best weather in Wyoming. Located in the middle of Wyoming, Thermopolis’s proximity to hot springs helps make this the warmest city in the state. Hot springs are springs of groundwater that are heated by the lower layers of the Earth, rather than externally by the sun.

Can you see bears in Yellowstone in September?

If you want to catch a grizzly or black bear creeping around, the best time to get out here at Yellowstone Park is during fall.

Can you see Old Faithful in September?

The benefits, drawbacks, activities and other features of visiting Yellowstone in September. September is a spectacular time to visit Yellowstone National Park. The summer crowds begin to disappear, and you have a real chance for solitude, and phenomenal wildlife viewing.

Is September a good time to go to Wyoming?

Fall Season: September-October If so, fall is the best time to visit Jackson Hole. With average temperatures between 50 and 70, you can enjoy the outdoors in relative comfort. Whitewater rafting season extends into the fall, with many trips still possible well into October.