What is the story behind Salad Fingers?

Salad Fingers was conceived as an in-joke when one day, while Firth was playing the guitar, his friend and frequent collaborator Christian Webb commented that he had “salad fingers”, referring to the way Firth played the C-chord.

Who was Salad Fingers?

Salad Fingers is a 2004 animated series by David Firth. It is a psychological horror series about the titular character of Salad Fingers’ life in a seemingly devastated city. Salad Fingers is a green, hunchbacked humanoid who has finger puppets as his only forms of company.

Is Salad Fingers a girl?

Salad Fingers is a woman from an alternate WWI that went nuclear. This explains her mannerisms, memories, “cross dressing,” and location all in one go.

Who made Salad Fingers videos?

David Firth
Mine, regretfully, was Salad Fingers, the animated web series created by David Firth in 2004, about a disgusting, childlike, inexplicably vibrating zombie creature with piquerism and a penchant for rusty spoons.

Who loves rusty spoons?

character Salad Fingers
The character Salad Fingers is a bizarre, humanoid creature with green skin. It has three, tendril-like fingers on each hand, yellowing teeth, and creepy eyes. The character speaks in haunting tones about his love for rusty spoons and particularly enjoys how they feel against his salad fingers.

What does rusty spoons mean?

The character’s signature fingers are sometimes referenced when people are talking about long, gross-longing appendages, and the character’s pleasure in scraping rusty spoons is often used to reference euphoric experiences.

Who is the voice of gecko garage?

Christian Hughes
Co-creator Christian Hughes performs the voice of Gecko….

Gecko’s Garage
Original network YouTube
Original release September 25, 2015 – present

What did Salad Fingers give birth to?

He then dreams of a conversation with the tree in which Salad Fingers is lecturing it (as a father; the tree refers to him as “daddy”), ending with the tree squeezing Salad Fingers with its tree branch very to the point where he can’t breathe. He is experiencing some physical pain, and he “gives birth” to an organ.