What is the schedule for Olympic cycling?


Sat 8/16 12:00a – 8:30a Track Cycling – USA Network
2:30a – 5:35a Track Cycling (Online)
8:30a – 12:00p Track Cycling – USA Network
11:00a – 12:30p Track Cycling – NBC – Men’s Individual Pursuit
8:00p – 9:45p Track Cycling (Online)

How long is the women’s cycling race in the Olympics?

137 kilometres
The women’s road race was 137 kilometres (85 mi) long with a total elevation gain of 2,692 metres (8,832 ft).

How long is the race on cycling Olympics?

234 kilometres
The men’s road race was 234 kilometres long with a total elevation of 4865 m. The women’s race was 137 km long with a total elevation of 2692 metres. The first part of the men’s and women’s races is identical.

What time is the women’s omnium?

The women’s omnium event at the 2020 Summer Olympics took place on 8 August 2021 at the Izu Velodrome. 21 cyclists from 21 nations competed….Schedule.

Date Time Round
8 August 2021 10:00 10:45 11:26 12:25 Scratch race Tempo race Elimination race Points race

How can I watch Olympic cycling 2021?

NBC owns the Olympic coverage rights in the U.S., and the Games will be shown across local NBC stations, USA, NBCSN, CNBC, the Olympic Channel, and Telemundo. However, not all channels will cover all sports. For cycling, the events will be broadcast on the USA Network, NBCSN, and CNBC.

What time is women’s road race?

The Women’s Individual road race will take place on Sunday 25 July 2021 at the later time of 13:00 hours JST (00:00 hours EST in New York; 9 pm PST on Saturday 24 July in Los Angeles).

How many miles is the womens road race?

87.6 mi
Cycling at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Women’s individual road race

Women’s cycling road race at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad
The podium of the event
Venue Fort Copacabana 141 km (87.6 mi)
Date 7 August 2016
Competitors 68 from 39 nations

How fast do Olympic road cyclists go?

Over the last several years, the winner of the tour has posted an overall average speed of right around 25mph (40kmph)–but that encompasses an entire tour. Uphill, downhill, time trial, flatland, it’s all averaged at 25mph. A little faster than us.

What is most famous cycling race in the world?

Tour de France
Tour de France, the world’s most prestigious and most difficult bicycle race. Of the three foremost races (the others being the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España), the Tour de France attracts the world’s best riders.

What is the longest bike race in the world?

the Trans-Siberian Extreme
The Tour de France is the toughest race in cycling, but even the iconic French spectacle has to doff its cap to the Trans-Siberian Extreme – the longest bike race in the world.

How many riders are in the women’s road race at the Olympics?

There are 67 riders on the start list for the women’s road race this Olympics, compared to the 130 on the start list of the men’s road race. The difference in numbers between the men’s and women’s field, however, is set to change for Paris.

Who are the best women’s road cyclists of all time?

Rounding out the top ten for the women’s road race we have Lisa Brennauer (Germany) in sixth place, Coryn Rivera (USA) in seventh, Marta Cavalli (Italy) in eighth, 2012 bronze medallist Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzbekistan) was ninth and in tenth place it was Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (Denmark).

Who won the Tokyo Olympics women’s road race?

Van Vleuten and Longo Borghini left with silver and bronze as Austrian pulls off huge upset from the early breakaway Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria) pulled off one of the biggest ever shocks in women’s elite road racing to win the Olympic title in Tokyo on Sunday.

How long is the men’s Olympic cycling race?

Men’s Olympic cycling race route reported to be 234km in length with a loop around Mount Fuji whilst women will ride 137km