What is the safest day of the week to drive?

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Despite several years of steady declines, deadly vehicle crashes are on the rise, according to the most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The safest day to be on the road: Tuesday.

What’s the most DUIS ever?

Appropriately nicknamed, “Mr. DUI,” Jerry Zeller is rumored to have racked up an astonishing 30+ DUI arrests.

What is the most dangerous day to drive?

August 2

Is drink driving legal in America?

For drivers 21 years or older, driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher is illegal. For drivers under 21 years old, the legal limit is lower, with state limits ranging from 0.00 to 0.02.

How many are killed by drunk drivers every year?

In fact, on average over the 10-year period from 2009-2018, more than 10,000 people died every year in drunk-driving crashes. In every state, it’s illegal to drive with a BAC of . 08 or higher, yet one person was killed in a drunk-driving crash every 50 minutes in the United States in 2018.

For which age group does being distracted by a cell phone?

Age groups 75 years or older (75-84 years [41.9%], 85-89 years [43.9%] and 90 or older [46.9%]) are those with the greatest proportion of accidents resulting in bodily injury due to distraction. Drivers in these age groups are certainly most likely to fall victim to distraction. Source: Accident reports, 2012.

How many beers can I have and still drive?

A 180-lb man may be able to drink 3.5 regular 12 ounce beers in one hour and keep his Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) under the legal limit of . 08%. Similarly, a 140-lb woman may be able to consume 2.5 regular beers in an hour and maintain a BAC of less than .

Why do people text and drive?

Forty-three percent of the texting drivers said they want to “stay connected” to friends, family and work. Nearly a third did it out of habit. Among other reasons for texting and driving: – Twenty-eight percent said they are worried about missing out of something important if they don’t check their phones right away.

What country has the lowest DUI rate?


What state has highest DUI rate?


What state has the strictest DUI laws?


What time of day do most DUI arrests occur?

Specifically, it appears most DUI arrests occur between the night hours of 11 pm and 4 am. Further, we learned that most DUI arrests happened to individuals under age 35, with young men in the early 20’s having the highest rate of arrest, and women accounting for one quarter of the arrests.

Is drunk driving legal in Russia?

(Russia’s Duma Passes Tough Law on Drunk-Driving, RUSSIA TODAY (Mar. 13, 2013).) As of September 1, 2013, driving while intoxicated will be punishable with an administrative fine of between RUB000 (about US$920-1,600) or suspension of the driver’s license for up to three years.

Is 0.05 over the limit?

NSW has three blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits: zero, under 0.02 and under 0.05. The limit that applies to you depends on the category of your licence and the type of vehicle you are driving. A BAC of 0.05 means you have 0.05 grams (50 milligrams) of alcohol in every 100 millilitres of blood.

How does texting while driving distract you?

Texting is the most alarming distraction. Sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for 5 seconds. At 55 mph, that’s like driving the length of an entire football field with your eyes closed. You cannot drive safely unless the task of driving has your full attention.

How does texting and driving affect others?

A distracted driver is much more likely to be involved in an accident than one who is not. Additionally, distracted drivers are more likely to be involved in serious accidents. This means that they may be injured or even killed. They may also cause other motorists and passengers to be injured or killed.

How many drinks can you have and drive USA?

In all 50 states, the legal limit for drunk driving is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of . 08. A 120-pound woman can reach a . 08 BAC level after only two drinks and a 180-pound man can be at .

Can DUI ruin your life?

A DUI does not have to ruin your life. If you get a lawyer, fight your case, and negotiate a good deal, you may be able to go on with your life with relatively little change. If your lawyer can win your case or get the charges dropped, you won’t even have a DUI on your record.

What country has the highest DUI rate?

South Africa

Is drunk driving legal anywhere?

Undoubtedly driving while under the influence is illegal in all states, but oddly enough, not every state has a law that prohibits drinking while driving. West Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, Missouri, Arkansas, and Mississippi all have lack these state laws, so technically it’s not illegal to drink while you drive.

How many texts are sent per day?

6 billion texts

What city has the highest DUI rate?

DUI Rates in the Top 15 Most Populous Cities

  • New York, New York. % of drivers with a DUI: 1.12%
  • Los Angeles, California. % of drivers with a DUI: 1.71%
  • Chicago, Illinois. % of drivers with a DUI: 0.53%
  • Houston, Texas.
  • Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • San Antonio, Texas.
  • San Diego, California.

How many lives are lost due to drunk driving?

How big is the problem? In 2016, 10,497 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the United States. Of the 1,233 traffic deaths among children ages 0 to 14 years in 2016, 214 (17%) involved an alcohol-impaired driver.

Why should texting and driving banned?

Transporting other human beings in your vehicle is a tremendous responsibility, on that many young drivers take lightly. Sending or reading a text message while driving puts your passengers’ lives at a significantly higher risk of being involved in an accident while riding in your vehicle.


Why is drinking and driving dangerous?

Dangers of Drinking and Driving. Any amount of alcohol in your bloodstream can impact your driving ability. The effects of alcohol abuse vary greatly, putting you at risk for causing an accident or highway injury. Safe driving requires the ability to concentrate, make good judgements and quickly react to situations.

How many accidents are caused by teenage drunk drivers?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 10,874 drunk driving deaths in 2017. We have established that 17 percent of those were because of teen drunk driving. That means that approximately 1,848 fatal crashes were a result of teenage drunk drivers….

Where do most DUIs occur?

States With the Most DUIs

  • Idaho.
  • Minnesota.
  • Alaska.
  • Wisconsin. Percentage of Drivers with a DUI: 4.33%
  • South Dakota. Percentage of Drivers with a DUI: 4.57%
  • Wyoming. Percentage of Drivers with a DUI: 5.16%
  • North Dakota. Percentage of Drivers with a DUI: 5.17%
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How long does 1st DUI stay on record?

five to 10 years

Appropriately nicknamed, “Mr. DUI,” Jerry Zeller is rumored to have racked up an astonishing 30+ DUI arrests….

What is the drunkest state in America?

Though this is the highest share in the state, it ranks 117 among all 384 metro areas in the U.S. The drunkest county in Indiana is Hamilton….This Is Where Indiana Ranks Among the Drunkest States in America.

State Mississippi
Alcohol-related driving deaths 20.0%
Rank 2nd lowest
Drunkest city Hattiesburg
City excessive drinking rate 16.3%

What state has the toughest DUI laws?

What is the most dangerous time to drive?

The Most Dangerous Time of the Day to Drive The most dangerous time of the day on the road is the two hours from 5 pm to 7 pm. During evening rush hour, the roads are congested. Commuters who are tired after working all day and want to get home as soon as possible make the road a dangerous place….

How often do new drivers get into accidents?

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for 16-24 year olds at 48.5 percent – the next highest cause, homicide, follows at 15.2 percent. Nationwide, 43 percent of first-year drivers and 37 percent of second-year drivers are involved in car crashes.

What is the most dangerous day of the year?

July 4th, which topped the IIHS list of “100 Deadliest Days” from 2005 to 2009. New Year’s Day, which is the deadliest day for alcohol-related crashes, according to IIHS. Memorial Day weekend, when more than 41.5 million Americans take to the roads, according to AAA….

Does DUI ruin your life?

What age group gets the most DUIS?

Yet in 2018 the highest percentage of drunk drivers (with BACs of . 08 g/dL or higher) were 21- to 24-year-olds, at 27%, followed by 25- to 34-year-olds, at 26%. Men are most likely to be involved in this type of crash, with 4 male drunk drivers for every female drunk driver.

Why do teens drive more drunk than adults?

The Dangers of Underage Drinking & Driving The risks of drunk driving are especially pronounced for teens. When they do consume alcohol, teens are more likely than adults to binge drink, leading to higher BACs when they get behind the wheel….

What day has the most accidents?

Lurking among the “100 Deadliest Days” of summer is the deadliest day of them all – the Fourth of July holiday. The IIHS studied deaths resulting from auto accidents from 2005 to 2009 and ranked the July 4 as the deadliest day of the year, with 144 driving-related fatalities on average.

What state is a DUI a felony?

A DUI is an automatic felony with a third offense and an ignition interlock device is mandatory after one DUI conviction. Arizona was followed by Alaska, Connecticut, West Virginia, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Virginia as the strictest states on the list….

How many people think they’re good drivers?

A new survey has found that fully 76 percent of Americans say they are good drivers, but in fact, there is a bit of overconfidence bias happening here. But by any standard they are not good drivers at all, with 93 percent admitting to unsafe behavior….

Does a DUI ruin your career?

Just being arrested for a DUI won’t usually affect your job search. Most states allow employers to ask about convictions, but not about arrests. However, some states have specific arrests employers can inquire about.

Does a DUI Affect Credit Score?

Although a DUI conviction tends to affect many things in your life, the likelyhood of your DUI conviction affecting your credit score is minimal. Usually it will not show up on a credit report, as a conviction stays on your criminal record held within the Department of Justice.

What is the deadliest holiday?

Independence Day is by far the deadliest holiday And while setting off explosives for entertainment with absolutely no experience comes with its own dangers — the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 12 fireworks-related deaths in 2019 — sparklers are far from the riskiest behavior on July 4th….

How does alcohol affect your driving?

Reaction Time – Alcohol can slow reflexes, which can decrease the ability to react swiftly to changing situations. Vision – Alcohol can slow eye muscle function, alter eye movement, and alter visual perception, possibly resulting in blurred vision. Night vision and color perception also can be impaired.

What is the strictest state?