What is the red button on the back of a white knight tumble dryer?

Try the reset button on the rear of the machine. It is usually towards the top right of the machine at the rear. The button is usually red and will not make a noise when you press it. For small compact dryers, the reset button is in the centre of the machine at the rear and is a fan shaped red button.

Why is my tumble dryer not drying anything?

Your tumble dryer might not be able to dry laundry completely if the lint filter is clogged. The lint filter gathers fluff and fibres from clothes and needs to be cleaned after every drying cycle. The lint filter is located on the rim of the door.

Are white knight tumble dryers discontinued?

THE White Knight tumble dryer factory in Hipperholme is set to be demolished, after the company ceased production at the site.

Are white knight tumble dryers being recalled?

White Knight has issued a safety alert to warn customers that 1,800 of its condenser tumbler dryers made during October 2010 are potentially at risk of catching fire. White Knight has said it will replace the affected dryers free of charge.

Why is tumble dryer tripping Electric?

Your tumble dryer causing a fuse to blow or an RDC to trip suggests there is either an issue with the power socket or the appliance itself. Firstly, we would recommend checking that the appliance is connected correctly. Ensure that a washing machine and a tumble dryer are not connected on the same fuse circuit.

Why are my clothes still damp after drying?

A good airflow is the key for a dryer to work properly. If your clothes are still wet after a drying cycle it could mean that the Air Vent is clogged. To fix this problem, you will have to unplug the dryer and disconnect it from the vent. Once everything is disconnected, it’s time to vacuum the vent.

Who now makes White Knight tumble dryers?

Crosslee Design
Crosslee Design As a leading appliance manufacturer, Crosslee is a name you can trust. Their White Knight brand manufactures 20% of all tumble dryers bought in the UK, all of which are made in their purpose-built West Yorkshire factory.

Do they still make White Knight?

The product was discontinued in 2016.

What tumble dryers catch fire?

The models at risk include those from brands Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline, and consist of vented and condenser tumble dryers made between April 2004 and October 2015.

Where are white knight appliances made?

White Knight Appliances | ukmade – UK Made Products – BRITISH MADE.