What is the purpose of the screen on the oil pump?

The oil pump screen smoothes the flow of oil into the pump. it usually keeps out debris that can lock up the pump. It is the only thing in an engine that assists the pump in it’s function.

How far should the oil pump pickup be from the bottom of the pan?

Subtracting the pickup height from the pan depth gives you the oil pan-to-pickup clearance. Ideal clearance is 1/4” to 3/8” to ensure adequate oil supply.

How do you measure the depth of an oil pan?

Place a straight edge on the bottom of your oil pan that extends out past the sides. Measure up from the straight edge to the pan rail close to the 3rd bolt back from the front. Report your findings to the nearest 1/8″. Lay a straight edge across the pan rails at the 3rd bolt hole back from the front.

What can I use to clean an oil screen?

What Is A Solvent To Clean Oil Filter? Solvent, kerosene, aerosol carburetor cleaner, or even dish soap can be used to clean the filter. If you want to remove any small particles or cleaning agents from the screen, you can even blow air through the filter from the inside.

Can an air filter affect oil pressure?

The wrong filter, a filter that isn’t working properly, or a filter that gets clogged can cause oil pressure to drop.

Will seafoam clean oil pump?

Sea Foam works to dissolve and liquefy petroleum deposits that grow too big and sticky to drain. Use in gas or diesel oil crankcases to safely clean and quiet noisy lifters, cleans chain tensioners, actuators, VVT solenoids, oil control rings, and cleans out oil passageways. Cleaner engines last longer!

How does an oil filter housing crack?

Any type of damage to the oil filter housing unit will most likely result in cracking or warping of the unit, which will allow oil to leak from the system. In general, this is caused by one of 2 things: simple age/wear and tear or the over-torquing of the housing.

How deep is a stock SBC oil pan?


Depth 7.50″
Rear Main Seal Style 2-piece
Finish Natural

How deep is a small block Chevy oil pan?

With a 4½” depth, this oil pan offers maximum ground clearance for cars in most NASCAR, Formula road race and drag race classes.

Can you clean an oil filter and reuse it?

Disposable oil filters are not designed to last for more than one oil change. Almost all disposable oil filters will get clogged before they make it to the second change. They’re meant to be used only once. Reusing a disposable oil filter from the previous oil change may cause a lot of damage.