What is the purpose of so?

In this case, so is a subordinating conjunction, expressing a purpose. It can either be used alone, or else in the expression so that. The subordinate clause of purpose can either precede or follow the main clause. So that is usually preferred if the subordinate clause of purpose comes before the main clause.

What is the purpose of the sentence?

Declarative sentences, or declarations, convey information or make statements. Interrogative sentences, or questions, request information or ask questions. Imperative sentences, or imperatives, make commands or requests. Exclamatory sentences, or exclamations, show emphasis.

What are the 5 aims of sentencing?

a) the punishment of offenders; b) the reduction of crime (including its reduction by deterrence); c) the reform and rehabilitation of offenders; d) the protection of the public; and e) the making of reparation by offenders to persons affected by their offences. ‘

What are the types of purpose?

Explanations of the eleven types of writing purpose are listed below.

  • Express. In expressive writing, the writer’s purpose or goal is to put thoughts and feelings on the page.
  • Describe.
  • Explore/Learn.
  • Entertain.
  • Inform.
  • Explain.
  • Argue.
  • Persuade.

Whats does Purpose mean?

: the reason why something is done or used : the aim or intention of something. : the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something. : the aim or goal of a person : what a person is trying to do, become, etc.

How do you express purpose in English?

How to express purpose

  1. AFFIRMATIVE to + infinitive.
  2. – He started drinking to forget. – I need a chair to sit down. NEGATIVE so as not to + infinitive.
  3. – I’ll take a taxi so as not to be late. – Take your shoes off so as not to wake them up. DIFFERENT SUBJECTS so that + subject + can.