What is the power of Punong Barangay?

– (a) The Punong Barangay, as the chief executive of the Barangay government, shall exercise such powers and perform such duties and functions, as provided by this Code and other laws. (o) Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

What is the power of barangay?

The Sangguniang Barangay can enact ordinances; levy taxes and other revenue measures; provide for construction and maintenance of barangay facilities and other public works; regulate use of public facilities, including waterworks; etc.

How much is the salary of a barangay captain?

The Local Government Code of 1991 provides that, barangay officials shall be compensated in the form of honorarium at an amount not less than P1,000 per month for the Punong Barangay and P600 each per month for the Sangguniang Barangay members, Barangay Treasurer and Barangay Secretary.

How do I report a barangay official?

DILG Undersecretary and spokesperson Jonathan Malaya said that the report against erring barangay officials may be coursed through the DILG telephone numbers of 8876-3454 local 8806 to 8811.

What are the powers of local government unit?

– Local government units shall have the power and authority to establish an organization that shall be responsible for the efficient and effective implementation of their development plans, program objectives and priorities; to create their own sources of revenues and to levy taxes, fees, and charges which shall accrue …

What is the rule of barangay tanod?

Barangay Tanod brigades were organized to assist the government in the maintenance of peace and order in the country. Pursuant to such duty, they conduct rondas or nightly patrols, necessarily exposing their lives and limbs to danger in the hands of criminal elements and other wayward members of society.

What is CVO in barangay?

The Civilian Volunteer Organization is a body or brigade composed of civilian volunteers duly created at the barangay level, to assist the barangay of? cials in the effective exercise of law enforcement for the maintenance of peace and order and the promotion of public safety.

Do barangay officials have salary?

“Despite the extensive range of duties and responsibilities that Punong Barangays and other barangay officials perform, they only receive monthly honoraria instead of fixed monthly salaries, with some added minimal benefits….

What is IRA in barangay?

The Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) is a local government unit’s (LGU) share of revenues from the Philippine national government. Provinces, independent cities, component cities, municipalities, and barangays each get a separate allotment.

Where can I file a complaint against barangay kagawad?

Cases against barangay captains and members of the sangguniang barangay shall be filed before the respective sanggunian of the city or municipality/where the barangay is located.