What is the most famous System of a Down song?

1. Chop Suey! (Toxicity, 2001) Chop Suey! will forever be the song most synonymous with System Of A Down, which is great because it’s also the best song they’ve ever written.

What is the longest System of a Down song?

Mind is the ninth track on System of a Down’s self-titled album. The lyrics were written by Serj Tankian, and the music by Serj, Shavo Odadjian and Daron Malakian. It holds the record as the longest song the band has ever released, clocking in at six minutes and sixteen seconds.

How many System of a Down songs are there?

A reunion was announced on November 29, 2010. On November 5, 2020, System of a Down released their first songs in 15 years, “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz”….

System of a Down discography
Studio albums 5
Music videos 13
Singles 19
Other appearances 5

What was Soad first song?

The band’s first official and professionally recorded song was on a collection called Hye Enk (“we’re Armenian” in English), an Armenian genocide recognition compilation in 1997.

What genre is Soad?

Progressive metal
System of a Down/Genres

Why did System of a Down Break Up?

Serj Tankian recalls the bitter argument which almost caused System Of A Down to split in 2000. A fierce argument over a single lyric could have caused System Of A Down to split up during the making of their hugely successful second album, Toxicity.

What made System of a Down popular?

The band achieved commercial success with the release of five studio albums, three of which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. System of a Down has been nominated for four Grammy Awards and their song “B.Y.O.B.” won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2006.

How many platinum albums does Korn have?

Seven official releases are certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), two are certified double platinum, one is certified triple platinum, one is certified five times platinum and two are certified Gold.

What is the best system of a down song?

So, keeping all that in mind, check out our list of the 10 Best System of a Down Songs: With its chant of ‘Psycho! Groupie! Cocaine! Crazy!,’ the song ‘Psycho’ exemplifies System of a Down at their most bizarre.

What was system of a Down’s first album?

Sugar (System Of A Down, 1998) Sugar was the first single from SOAD’s debut album, and as such it introduced the world to the band’s unrelenting, schizophrenic, utterly bizarre aesthetic that as long as it didn’t have running for cover was sure to have you hooked for the foreseeable future.

Is toxicity the best system of a down song ever?

This is coming from a guy who knows probably 90+% of System of a Down songs by heart. Toxicity is their best song, just by a smidgen. Such an amazing chorus. Something we can all agree on is the Toxicity Album as a whole is one of the, if not the, single greatest albums ever created by anyone. It’s sad how very good songs are underrated here.

Who are the members of system of a down?

The band consists of Serj Tankian (vocals), Daron Malakian (vocals, guitar), Shavo Odadjian (bass, vocals) and John Dolmayan (drums). System of a Down has achieved commercial success with five albums, and many singles such as their breakout hit &qu… read more