What is the message of water into wine?

“As Eve was the agent whereby mankind was brought into mortality, Mary was the means by which the premortal, spiritual and divine Word became the earthly Jesus.” The water turned into wine/blood. The eternal entering mortality. Jehovah turned into Jesus.

Which gospel has water to wine?

the Gospel of John
The transformation of water into wine at the wedding at Cana (also called the marriage at Cana, wedding feast at Cana or marriage feast at Cana) is the first miracle attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John, although none of the synoptic Gospels mentions the wedding at Cana.

Who turned water into wine in the Bible?

The Gospel of John tells an interesting story near the beginning of Jesus’ ministry: He went to a wedding and turned water into wine. Several aspects of this story make it unusual: It seems like a minor miracle, more like a magician’s trick than the work of a Messiah.

What happened in the feeding of the 5000?

Jesus sends the disciples away to find food nearby, they return with two fish and five loaves. Jesus’ words and actions are important as they are symbolic and will be repeated again at the Last Supper . Jesus gives thanks for the food, raises it to Heaven, blesses it and gives it to the disciples to give out.

What does Jesus turning water into wine represent?

Jesus, his mother, and his disciples attend a wedding in the village of Cana. When the wine runs out at the feast, Jesus turns water into wine, thus demonstrating his divinity to his disciples.

What is the spiritual meaning of wine?

Wine traditionally is the central symbol for transformation. Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives. Wine is a mirror held up to nature.

Is drinking wine a sin?

The Bible makes it clear that drinking in moderation is not a sin. Yet, you must be careful to avoid the temptation of drunkenness, drinking to excess, and addiction.

Why did Jesus changed water into wine?