What is the meaning of Negritude?

Definition of negritude 1 : a consciousness of and pride in the cultural and physical aspects of African heritage. 2 : the state or condition of being a Black person.

What was the goal of the Negritude movement?

Negritude, French Négritude, literary movement of the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s that began among French-speaking African and Caribbean writers living in Paris as a protest against French colonial rule and the policy of assimilation.

Why is black woman a Negritude poem?

Negritude literature set out to celebrate African culture and to reaffirm the pride of being of African heritage. Senghor’s poem “Black Woman” is a typical poem of the negritude literary movement in that it celebrates the beauty of Africa.

What is Negritude in postcolonialism?

Summary. Negritude can be defined as an aesthetic and literary movement that began in the 1930s. It centred on the creative and expressive potential of black consciousness, and through its transnational scope became one of the pre-emptive cultural phenomena of the twentieth century.

What are the features of Negritude?

Characteristic of négritude are a denunciation of Europe’s devastation of Africa, a decrying of the coldness and stiffness of Western culture and its lack of the humane qualities found in African cultures, and an assertion of the glories and truths of African history, beliefs, and traditions.

What is the persona saying in the last stanza of black woman?

The persona refers to the ‘woman’ as ‘…the Promised Land’ which is a biblical allusion to further stress the importance of the ‘woman’ to him.

What are the themes of Negritude poetry?

The three major Negritude themes recurring in David Diop’s poetry are criticism of Western civilization and its attendant colonialism, nostalgia for and glorification of Africa, and a firm belief in a future Africa which is prosperous, united and strong.

What are the concerns of the poet in the poem black woman?

Finally, the poet expresses disquiet over one disturbing reality. It is the mortality of the beloved woman and the impermanence of her beauty. In desperation, he intends to turn his praises of her beauty into a song (possibly this poem) so that unavoidable death will never be able to destroy it completely.

What is the main theme of the poem black woman?

The poem explores the theme of beauty in the figure of a black or otherwise dark woman. It posits that black women are as beautiful as their white counterparts and even suggestively more beautiful.

What are the features of Negritude poetry?