What is the meaning of Fundic?

Fundus: In medicine, the bottom or base of an organ. For example, the fundus of the eye is the retina. However, the fundus of the stomach is inexplicably the upper portion. From the Latin for ‘the bottom. ‘

What does Fundic stomach mean?

(fundus of the stomach) The portion of the stomach that lies above the cardiac notch. It allows for the accumulation of gases produced by chemical digestion.

Where is the fundic mucosa?

Definition: The dome-like subdiaphragmatic portion of stomach that lies above an imaginary horizontal line passing through the gastroesophageal junction. Like the more distal gastric corpus, the fundus shows rugae and is lined by oxyntic mucosa.

What is cardiac region?

The cardia (or cardiac region) is the point where the esophagus connects to the stomach and through which food passes into the stomach. Located inferior to the diaphragm, above and to the left of the cardia, is the dome-shaped fundus. Below the fundus is the body, the main part of the stomach.

How do you say Fundic?

Phonetic spelling of fundic

  1. fun-dic.
  2. fuhn-duh s. Mathew Hyatt.
  3. fundic. Molly Runolfsson.

What does fundus mean in Latin?

From Latin fundus (“bottom”).

What is fundic type mucosa?

The fundic (fundus-corpus) mucosa is built of parietal cells/chief cells while the mucosa of the antrum is built of mucin-producing cells and specialized endocrine cells. The mucosa of the incisura angularis is comprised of an admixture of corpus and antral mucosa [2], hence intermediate mucosa.

What cells are in the fundic region?

Fundic glands found in the fundus and also in the body have another two cell types–gastric chief cells and parietal cells (oxyntic cells). Surface mucous cell (foveolar cell) – They are mucous producing cells which cover the inside of the stomach, protecting it from the corrosive nature of gastric acid.

What is fundic mucosa?

The gastric mucosa of the proximal stomach, which is characterised by tubular (“straight”) acid-secreting glands, with scattered mucus cells in the upper gland and chief (zymogenic) cells in the lower gland with scattered endocrine (ECL) cells.

What is the function of fundus?

Each region performs different functions; the fundus collects digestive gases, the body secretes pepsinogen and hydrochloric acid, and the pylorus is responsible for mucus, gastrin and pepsinogen secretion.

What is the fundus region of the stomach?

The fundus is a rounded section next to the cardia. It’s below your diaphragm (the dome-shaped muscle that helps you breathe). The body (corpus) is the largest section of your stomach. In the body, your stomach contracts and begins to mix food.