What is the meaning behind the name Ambrose?

Latin, English. English form of the Latin name Ambrosius meaning “immortal” or “divine”. Saint Ambrose of Milan was born in the year 340.

Is the name Ambrose in the Bible?

Ambrose was a christian bishop. He breathed his last breath on April 4th, 0397.

What is the origin of the surname Ambrose?

Ambrose comes from the medieval given name Ambrose, which was in turn derived from the Latin Ambrosius, which means immortal. The name Ambrose was extremely popular and spread rapidly because of devotion to Saint Ambrose, who lived during the 4th century and was one of the four Fathers of the Western Christian church.

Is Ambrose a rare name?

1954 marks the last year Ambrose would claim Top 1000 standing in the United States. In fact, only 74 baby boys were given the name Ambrose in 2012.

Is the name Ambrose Irish?

Ambrose is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include: Alice Ambrose (1906–2001), American philosopher, logician, and author.

What language is the name Ambrose?

Ambrose is a boy’s name of Greek origin, meaning “immortal.” This lyrical moniker was well-known throughout Christendom and the medieval ages in Europe and is now making a come-back! Ambrose comes from the Greek word “ambrosia,” the divine food or drink of the gods.

How common is the name Ambrose?

Ambrose Name Popularity

Year Rank % Births
1918 452 0.012%
1919 436 0.0137%
1920 417 0.0146%
1921 451 0.0126%

Is Ambrose German?

Ambrose is German Boy name and meaning of this name is “To be Immortal, Ever-living”.

Is Ambrose a good baby name?

A beloved name amongst the global literary arts community, Ambrose carries a romantic sense of fantasy and ethereality that baby will undoubtedly emanate!

Is Ambrose an Irish name?

AMBRÓS, genitive -óis, Ambrose; Greek Αμβρóσιος (Ambrósios), immortal, divine; the name of the great Bishop of Milan and Doctor of the Church; never, however, very common in Ireland.

Is Ambrose a good name?

The name Ambrose is boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “immortal”. A favorite of British novelists including Evelyn Waugh and P. G. Wodehouse, Ambrose has an air of blooming well-being and upper-class erudition. It comes from the same Greek root as ‘ambrosia’, the food of the gods, said to confer immortality.

How rare is the name Ambrose?