What is the horoscope for 18th August?

The Leos born on August 18 tend to be great at balancing their professional and personal lives, and this is largely due to their strong work ethic. Leo-Virgo cusp’s career tends to be centered around art or design; these individuals may also enjoy teaching or working with children because of their nurturing nature.

Which symbol is lucky for Taurus?

Roses and poppies—symbols of strength and beauty—are also excellent good-luck symbols for Taurus, according to Brown, which makes this red poppy flower scarf the perfect accessory for tactile, stylish Taurus.

What is a Taurus lucky number?

Lucky Numbers for Taurus For Taureans, 2 and 7 are lucky numbers that can bless them throughout their life.

Which Colour is lucky for Taurus?

Taurus: The second zodiac sign is Taurus. It is a fixed sign of earth element of which the ruling planet is Venus. The profitable colors for this sign are pink and white. Green color is also believed to be lucky for Taurians.

Is August 18 a Leo or Virgo?

Leos born on August 18th excel in sports, active jobs that don’t leave them with a lot of time to think, and leading positions that help them spend the energy they carry in their heart. They need to keep their focus to become truly productive, financially and professionally and work best alone.

Is Leo and Taurus compatible?

Taurus & Leo’s Emotional Compatibility Emotionally, Taurus and Leo can connect really well. Both signs place value on the idea of true love, and they genuinely want to make their partner happy. They also value loyalty and trust in relationships.

Which color is unlucky for Taurus?

As a Taurus spirit, you should avoid the colors yellow, red, and eggplant.

What colors should Taurus wear?

Taurus born will find lotus pink and white as their most favourable colours for the year 2021. Your zodiac sign is ruled by Venus and Taurus symbolizes the earth element. Hence pink and white can be your profitable colours for the year 2021. Green colour can also bring you favourable results.

What is Taurus fav food?

Taurus loves comfort food and so they would go for anything that is flavoursome and provided warmth to their soul. Their favourite cuisine is most likely to be Italian food. Pasta, ravioli, risotto are some of the preferred dishes by a Taurus. Virgo loves healthy and fresh food.

Who was born on 18 August?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Andy Samberg, Denis Leary, Edward Norton, Kaitlin Olson, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Robert Redford, Rosalynn Carter and more.