What is the form of This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison?

Blank Verse The poem consists of lines that were jotted down by Coleridge when he was sitting in a garden, so it has kind of a spontaneous feel.

What are the dominant themes of Coleridge’s This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison?

“This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison” charts a course between isolation and imprisonment, and freedom and unity.

When was Lime Tree Bower written?

The first volume of Richard Holmes’s prize-winning biography of Coleridge traces his life up through 1804, including the period in which “This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison” was written.

What type of tree does the speaker find in the Bower?

Line 2: The metaphor of the title appears in this line, comparing the lime (linden) trees that surround the speaker in the garden to the bars or walls of a prison that traps him.

What is Frost at Midnight about?

Frost at Midnight is a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, written in February 1798. Part of the conversation poems, the poem discusses Coleridge’s childhood experience in a negative manner and emphasizes the need to be raised in the countryside.

Who called the Lamb gentle hearted Charles?

:1: It’s a very famous poem. ‘This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison’ is addressed to Coleridge’s friend Charles Lamb, who had come to Somerset all the way from London.

How do you compare the tree in the poet’s imagination with a natural tree?

Answer: The tree in the imagination of the poet is in words and you cant see or feel the oxygen it is giving and the tree which is real , you can also touch it and feel the fresh air.

Which flowers did the poet see in the Bower What did the flowers have in common?

Answer: The poet saw primrose and periwinkle in the bower. All the flowers were enjoying the air they were breathing.

How did the poet Coleridge find the atmosphere of the poem Frost at Midnight in consonance of his mood?

Echo or mirror seeking of itself, And makes a toy of Thought. One night when the poet’s mind was obsessed with philosophical, subtle, thoughts, and his little son was lying asleep in his cradle beside his bed, the poet looks out of the cottage window and finds the atmosphere covered with frost.

What purpose does the film fluttering on the grate serve in Coleridge’s Frost at Midnight?

A film of soot flutters on the grate of the fireplace—a phenomenon known as a “stranger.” Coleridge thinks it’s similar to him, since he’s the only person awake in the house and his flickering thoughts are kind of like this fluttering “stranger.” It reminds him of how the Spirit (either the human spirit or the Holy …

What was the subject of Lamb’s essay?

Themes of the essay include nostalgia, the need for compassion, and regret. Although written slightly before the Victorian era, they anticipate the Victorian emphasis on home, family and heartfelt sentiments. In “A Quaker’s Meeting” Elia recalls in idealized, nostalgic terms a Quaker meeting he attended years ago.