What is the English name of Aegle Marmelos?

stone apple
Aegle marmelos commonly known as bilwa or bael is an important medicinal plant in Ayurveda (Figure 41.1). The English name for bael is stone apple, as its rather large fruit is like pale yellow to golden orange when ripe.

How do you grow Aegle Marmelos?

They should be transplanted in rainy season, the stem is ordinarily 5-7 cm tall with 3-5 leaves, and the taproot, 20-25 cm long. It is also propagated by root cuttings and stem cuttings treating with IBA (4000 ppm) using quick dip method. Seedlings or budded plants are transplanted in the field at a spacing of 10-12 m.

Is Aegle Marmelos fruit edible?

Culinary use. The fruits can be eaten either fresh from trees or after being dried and produced into candy, toffee, pulp powder or nectar. If fresh, the juice is strained and sweetened to make a drink similar to lemonade. It can be made into sharbat, also called as Bela pana, a beverage.

Where is bael found?

bel fruit, (Aegle marmelos), bel also spelled bael, also called Bengal quince, tree of the family Rutaceae, cultivated for its fruit. The plant is native to India and Bangladesh and has naturalized throughout much of Southeast Asia.

Can we grow Bilva tree at home?

Yes you can grow Bel Patra plant in large pots. Trim the shoot of the plant according to your wish (size) and don’t let it grow bigger than that . Every two years re-pot the Bel- Patra plant and trim its secondary roots not the main roots ( tap root).

What are the benefits of Aegle marmelos?

Extensive experimental and clinical studies prove that Aegle marmelos possesses antidiarrhoeal, antimicrobial, antiviral, radioprotective, anticancer, chemopreventive, antipyretic, ulcer healing, antigenotoxic, diuretic, antifertility and anti-inflammatory properties, which help it to play role in prevention and …

How do you grow bael from seed?

Dig a hole, 2-inches deeper in the soil for sowing seed. Water it regularly, but make sure not to overwater. Mulch the soil with some dried leaves to conserve its moisture. The shoots will appear within 10-12 days.

Can we plant Bilva tree at home?

Bael (Bilva) Patra Bael is believed to be a sacred plant which brings wellness and good luck to home. Placing bael plant in leaving room near a window, brings prosperity and stability. Planting these trees around home or temple is sanctifying and is equivalent to worshiping a Linga with bilva leaves and water.

What is the uses of Aegle marmelos?

Aegle Marmelos is anti-inflammatory in nature. Its extracts when applied on the exposed area, help to cure inflammation. Aegle Marmelos leaf juice with honey can prove useful for treating fever. Aegle Marmelos can be used to treat tuberculosis.

When should you not pluck bilva leaves?

One must never pluck the Bilva leaf on a chaturthi, ashtami, chaturdashi, amavasya, etc. Sankranti and Monday also are inauspicious for plucking a Bilva leaf. You can offer the leaf plucked a day before. Also, make sure the leaf is not cut or eaten by an insect.

Can we eat bel seeds?

ALLAHABAD: Next time when you consume ‘bel’, (aegle marme-los), do not throw its seeds. This part of the fruit, earlier considered a waste, is beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

How do you make bael powder at home?

An improved process for the preparation of bael fruit powder, said process comprising the steps of: (a) extracting Bael fruit pulp, (b) mixing the pulp with water in the ratio of about 1 :3 proportion, (c) filtering the diluted pulp obtained from step (b), (d) mixing the filtered pulp of step (c) with anti-caking agent …