What is the easiest way to shape a beard?

Quick Summary

  1. Find your beard shape.
  2. Brush your beard hair all in the same direction.
  3. Shape your sideburns and remove any hairs that appear on your cheeks above your beard line.
  4. Define your neckline with a razor or extremely close-cutting beard trimmer.

How do I freehand trim my beard?

How to Trim Freehand

  1. Brush out your beard in a downward motion.
  2. When you are ready to trim, trim your beard in a downward motion.
  3. Take time to trim, brush, then trim again.
  4. Once you get to the base of your beard, it is time to decide if you want to trim that as well…or to continue growing it long.

Do I trim my beard up or down?

“Don’t go in and out with the trimmer,” says Mendoza, “and always go with the grain.” If you trim against the grain, you run the risk of thinning out your whiskers; going with the grain (in the direction the hair grows) will keep your beard looking fuller and camouflage patches more easily.

Where should my beard neckline be?

What is the neckline? The neckline is found under your chin towards your throat, and is the point where your neck meets the underside of your face. It’s also the point where, for the majority of beards, the facial hair should stop and give way to a shaven throat and neck.

How long should you let your beard grow before trimming it?

DO NOT trim/shape your beard prior to the three-week mark. I recommend waiting at least four weeks before shaping. If you trim too soon, your beard could become lopsided. There is one caveat: Your beard should never connect with your chest hair.

Should your beard follow your jawline?

“If your chin or your jaw isn’t really there, a beard can bring some shape to the face,” says Jessica Candia, a hairstylist at Brooklyn’s Persons of Interest barbershop. “It’s very helpful, but it can get tricky.” If you’re tempted to shave right under your jaw line, we have some simple advice: don’t.

Where should your beard cheek line be?

Start by creating a straight line from your sideburn to the corner of your mouth. That done, you can soften the look and make it feel more natural by dipping down into your beard to make the line slightly rounded. But be careful: dip too low and you will end up with that chin strap beard.

Do you trim a beard up or down?

What does a 6 month beard look like?

The 6 month beard is what some call “the power beard”. It’s big, thick, and about 3 inches (7,6 centimeters) long. By this point the front of your neck will no longer be visible, and depending on how fast your beard grows, the length may even have surpassed your collar bones already.

How to trim beard in 8 Easy Steps?

↓ Step 1. Step 1 is all about getting your hands on the right kind of beard shampoo because once you do that,the rest would be much easier.

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  • ↓ Step 5.
  • Step by Step Video Tutorial – How to Trim Beard with a Trimmer
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  • How to correctly trim your beard?

    Wash your beard thoroughly. It’s important to start with a clean and dry beard.

  • Comb your beard. Combing eliminates tangles and makes your beard easier to trim.
  • Begin cutting in front of a large mirror.
  • Prepare a receptacle for the beard trimmings.
  • Which way should I comb my beard?

    – Put on beard oil. Never comb a dry beard. Make sure you put onbeard oil first. – Comb up. Start at the bottom of your neck and comb up. – Comb down. Start at the top of your beard and comb down, layingdown all the hair you just stood up.

    How should you comb your beard?

    Ensuring you brush your beard gently and slowly is vital.

  • Always brush along the grain of your natural hair growth,and let the bristles slip through your facial hair without pulling.
  • Brushing your facial hair when wet can lead to excess breakage as well,so ensure that hair is either damp or dry when brushing.