What is the dilemma of a ghost?

place in African literature The Dilemma of a Ghost is concerned with the arrival in Africa of a black American woman married to a Ghanaian and the struggle she has in coming to terms with her cultural past and with her new home.

What is the main theme of the dilemma of a ghost?

Ama Ata Aidoo’s 40 year-old play unravels its tangled themes of tradition, assimilation and gender with clarity but rather too much speed. Shonel Jackson’s Eulalie finds that her fantasy of African life runs quickly into the sand, but her decline into alcoholic rage is implausibly sudden.

Why did Ato slap Eulalie?

The relatives come with magic herbs to make Eulalie fertile, but Ato lacks the courage to admit they are using birth control. Eulalie smokes and drinks too much and finally has an angry confrontation with Ato, who slaps her.

Who is the protagonist in the dilemma of a ghost?

The Dilemma of a Ghost centres around Ato Yawson, a Ghanaian who recently completed his studies in the United States and returns home with an American bride, Eulalie.

Who is the speaker in the dilemma of a ghost?

The speaker, who narrates the story in the third person (omniscient), remains unnamed.

What was the major cause of conflict between Eulalie and Ato’s relatives?

Eulalie comes into conflict with Ato’s family because she does not conform to the role of women within that society. Not only does she choose not to bear children immediately, but also she does not know how to, and chooses not to learn to, cook the food her husband desires.

What are the themes in the dilemma of a ghost by Ama Ata Aidoo?

In her play The Dilemma Of A Ghost, Aidoo voices out over a number of agitating problems confronting the post-colonial Africa. In her play the Themes of Education, Identity, Clash of culture, Marriage and childbirth.

What did Nana mean by saying ATO do not talk with the foolishness of your generation?

1 Answers. Nana is reacting to Ato, as he attempts to correct her words… you do not correct your grandmother. We can also see this statement as ironic, considering that Ato has just returned from acquiring an education in the states…. in her eyes this makes him no different.

What is the expectation of the writer for a one scholar who has arrived from the white man’s land?

. . . it is only to be expected that they should reserve the new addition to the house for the exclusive use of the One Scholar. Not that they expect him to make his home there. No… he will certainly have to live and work in the city when he arrives from the white man’s land.

What happens at the end of the dilemma of a ghost?

Esi rushes to her aid, ‘Come, my child’. Tells Ato off making it clear she did not approve of his decision to hide the truth from his family. Ends with an omniscient voice demonstrating dilemmas and the confusion and frustration which comes along with it.

Who is Ato yawson in the dilemma of a ghost?

In The Dilemma of a Ghost, Ato Yawson returns to Ghana with his African-American wife, Eulalie after having completed his education abroad. Ato Yawson is in many ways the epitome of the ‘been-to’ character who is conflicted between his status as a Western-educated scholar and his traditional African roots.

Who is akroma in the dilemma of a ghost?

1 Answers. Mansa is Ato’s younger aunt, and Akroma is Ato’s younger uncle.

What is the plot of the dilemma of a ghost?

Dilemma of a Ghost. A play set in Ghana at an unspecified time; first performed in Legon, Ghana, in 1964; first published in English in 1965. A young Fante man returns from the United States with an African American wife, whose foreign customs and expectations alienate him from his family.

When was the play Dilemma of a ghost first performed?

Dilemma of a Ghost was first performed by the Students’ Theatre in Legon, Ghana, on March 12, 13, and 14, 1964. It has been revived intermittently in Ghana, other countries of West Africa, and the United States, indicating that interest in the play has survived even though Aidoo herself no longer writes drama.

Why do people get married in the dilemma of a ghost?

As if there were no other reasons people get married except to raise children, The Dilemma of a Ghost stresses this issue in such a way that one might want to think that an African woman is a machine built only for producing children. However, if one looks closely, this assertion is close to the truth.

How many languages are there in the dilemma of a ghost?

– There are about three ‘different languages’ (although all English), to be distinguished in The Dilemma of a Ghost. “Diversity of linguistic registers in this play clearly show the differences between different characters, in their classes, background and educational status” – Just because a women’s ‘pressed’, doesn’t mean that’s all she is.