What is the difference between a technologist and an engineer?

Engineers are designers and technologists are builders. The primary responsibility of an engineer is to develop solutions and concepts and the technologist turns the concept into an actual item. Engineers have more theoretical responsibilities while technologists have more practical responsibilities.

How do I get my C.E.T. in Alberta?

Registration requires:

  1. Graduation from an accredited applied science, information technology, or engineering technology program or equivalent.
  2. At least 2 years of acceptable technical experience within the last 5 years.
  3. 3 professional references.
  4. Completion of a competency report.

What is a technologist in Canada?

An applied science or engineering technologist apply creative solutions to broadly defined applied science and engineering technology problems. Technologists are innovative thinkers with an aptitude for mathematics and a broad understanding of the principles of applied science and engineering technology.

How can I become a technologist in Canada?

Internationally educated Engineering Technologists must:

  1. Hold a minimum of a two-year diploma from a technical program.
  2. Meet the minimum English requirements.
  3. Be legally entitled to work in Canada.
  4. Have your experience assessed by ASET.
  5. Write and pass the ASET Professional Practice Exam.

What are the types of technologist?

6 types of technologists

  • Surgical technologist.
  • Medical technologist.
  • CT technologist.
  • Nuclear medicine technologist.
  • Radiologic technologist.
  • MRI technologist.

What is the role of a technologist?

The technologist is the team leader, and his duties include research, analysing, designing, conducting studies, resolving problems, interpreting situations, evaluating situations, developing prototypes and guiding the technicians.

What does C.E.T. mean after a name?

All NICET certificate holders may use the generic designation CET (“Certified Engineering Technician” or “Certified Engineering Technologist”) after their name.

What does a C.E.T. do?

A Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) is a technology professional who is capable of assuming responsibility and exercising independent judgment to perform technical tasks and solve problems in complex technological areas with limited direct supervision.

Is a technologist higher than a technician?

While both technologist and technician jobs are interrelated, a technologist has a four-year engineering degree whereas a technician often obtains a lower degree or certification and works under a technologist.

Can a technologist work as an engineer?

There are Technologists who are capable of doing some of the work required of an Engineer. There are Technologists who are capable of doing all the work required of an Engineer. There are even those Engineers who are not competent enough to be registered as Professional Engineers.

How do I become a qualified technician?

A college diploma is generally the minimum education required for a career as a technician. However, a degree can expose individuals to the most current technologies and improve chances of employment upon completion.

How do I become an AP tech?

To qualify for P. Tech….P. Tech.

  1. Be C.E.T. members of ASET in good standing.
  2. Be graduates of a 2-year technical post-secondary program.
  3. Have at least 6 years of post-graduate technical engineering or geoscience experience, including at least 2 years under the supervision of an Alberta P. Eng. or P. Geo.