What is the British equivalent of a Southern accent?

Estuary English (EE) Since then it has spread, and is now heard in much of the southeast. Some linguists have suggested that EE will take over as the southern standard accent in England.

What accents are similar to British?

Types of British Accents

  • Cockney. This is one of the UK’s most famous dialects, and it goes hand in hand with London.
  • Estuary English. Here’s another dialect that is London-based.
  • Yorkshire.
  • Northern Irish.
  • Scottish.
  • Brummie.
  • Scouse.
  • Geordie.

Did the Southern accent come from England?

A diversity of earlier Southern dialects once existed: a consequence of the mix of English speakers from the British Isles (including largely Southern English and Scots-Irish immigrants) who migrated to the American South in the 17th and 18th centuries, with particular 19th-century elements also borrowed from the …

Is there a south London accent?

South London Accent is a lower middle class accent, with some distinctive word borrowing from Cockney English. Sounds a little like liverpool to me but with a clearer more distinct pronunciation.

What accent do south Londoners have?

Cockney The cockney accent
Cockney. The cockney accent comes from South London and is one of the most well-known.

Is Southern accent attractive?

A recent survey by Cupid.com of 2,000 men and women found that the Southern twang’, especially from the yellow hammer state, of the south was voted first place as the most attractive in the U.S. The Southern accent came up on top with 36.5% of the vote followed by New York in second with 16.5%.

Are Southern accents dying?

The distinct drawls and twangs that dominate America’s Southeast as we know it may be dying off, new research suggests. A North Carolina State University study has noted a gradual shift away from the drawn-out vowel pronunciations widely associated with Southern speech, which experts say is ‘disappearing’.