What is the best time to go crabbing in Delaware?

Crabbing lasts all summer! In fact, Delaware crabbing season peaks from April through early November. Blue crabs burrow in warmer waters during the winter months, so crabbing slows down. Don’t bother going crabbing in Delaware during the winter.

Are they catching crabs in Delaware?

The blue crab is common in all the tidal waters of Delaware. It is a popular recreational resource and tops the list of the State’s economically important marine fish and shellfish. Blue crabs grow very quickly and reach maturity in 12 to 18 months.

Where is the best crabbing in Delaware?

Top Crabbing Spots in Delaware

  • Holt’s Landing Pier. This specially-built crabbing pier on the Indian River Bay is one of the best spots to go crabbing.
  • Indian River Bay. The Indian River Bay is a crabbing hotspot!
  • Cape Henlopen Pier.

Are crabs running in Delaware?

Crabbing can be done year round in Delaware, but crab pots have a season from March 1 to November 30th. Size limits are Hard shell – 5”, Soft shell – 3.5″, and Peeler – 3″ … catches are limited to 1 bushel per licensed angler. You need a fishing license to crab in delaware regardless if you are going to fish or not.

Where can I catch crabs in Delaware?

Good fishing and crabbing can be found on the Cape Henlopen State Park pier, located near the park’s entrance, where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. Typical quarries include spot, trout, croaker, flounder and bluefish. There is a bait and tackle shop in front of the pier.

Are there crabs in Rehoboth Bay?

A popular spot to crab at shore along the Rehoboth Bay is at Love Creek Bridge & Pier.

How many crab traps can you use in Delaware?

two crab pots
Delaware has a set of regulations that cover recreational use of crab pots: Recreational crabbers may use no more than two crab pots at a time. Delaware does not have a limit on hand lines and collapsible wire traps. All crab pots must be fitted with a by-catch reduction device.

Can you keep female blue crabs in Delaware?

Can you keep female blue crabs in Delaware? You may keep non-egg bearing mature female blue crabs in the state of Delaware. Her shell width must be no less than 5 inches from point to point. You know the female is mature when her abdomen is a rounded half-circle with a point instead of a sharp “V” shape.

How many crab pots can you put out in Delaware?

two pots
The first is to simply remember that the limit for recreational crabbers in Delaware is two pots per person.

How big do crabs have to be to keep in Delaware?

The minimum size for keeping male and immature female blue crabs is five inches, measured from point to point on the top shell. The minimum size for soft-shell blue crabs is three and a half inches, and three inches for peeler blue crabs.