What is the best small town to live in Georgia?

Here are 10 of the best small towns in Georgia, all with a population of under 12,000.

  • Darien. This is a photograph of shrimp boats on a tidal river in Darien, Georgia taken at dusk.
  • Senoia.
  • Jekyll Island.
  • Madison.
  • Blue Ridge.
  • Vidalia.
  • Tallulah Falls.
  • Pine Mountain.

Where is the most affordable place to live in Georgia?

The most affordable places to live in Georgia, according to Moveto Real Estate, are as follows:

  • City of Warner Robins.
  • City of Hinesville.
  • City of Grovetown.
  • 4. ( tie) City of Canton.
  • 4. ( tie) City of Perry.
  • City of Woodstock.
  • 7. ( tie) City of Johns Creek.
  • 7. ( tie) City of Thomasville.

Is Georgia a good place to live and work?

Georgia has consistently been the best state in the country to do business and the foremost state in business and labor climate which make Georgia a great place to work for an expat. Atlanta is the main access point to Georgia’s economy and its influence stretches well beyond the state.

What is the friendliest town in Georgia?

Thomasville Is Considered The Friendliest Town In Georgia.

Where is the best place to move to start over?

Fresh Start: 10 Best Cities to Move to Start a New Life

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anyone looking for a fresh start will find a kindred spirit in Pittsburgh itself.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Denver, Colorado.
  • Nashville, Tennessee.

What are the cons of living in Georgia?

First of all, spending time outdoors in the state can be problematic. Because the summers are very hot and humid. Bringing with it, mosquitos, different bugs, and other unpleasant pests.

What city in Georgia is the best to raise a family?

The Top 20 Cities for Families in Georgia

Rank City % High School Graduate or Higher
1 Milton 97.8%
2 Alpharetta 97.2%
3 Johns Creek 96.5%
4 Pooler 95.%