What is the best roleplay server in Minecraft?

Minecraft: Top 5 best Roleplay servers for beginners

  • Minescape.
  • SchoolRP.
  • Pixelmon.
  • Lemon loud.
  • Potterworld.

What is the best Minecraft server for PE?

Five great Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers to play in May 2021

  • IP Address: play.nethergames.org:19132.
  • IP Address: play.infinitycraft.uk:19132.
  • IP Address: Play.STCraftNET.com:19132.
  • IP Address: grandtheft.mcpe.me:19132.
  • IP Address: pe.mineplex.com.

Are there any Minecraft Roleplay servers?

Creative Fun is a wildly unique Minecraft roleplay server with creative mode building for all. The server offers a myriad of custom roleplay enhancing plugins, with one of the most popular being something called “roleplay names.”

What Minecraft server has high school?

2) SchoolRP Players can create and customize their own fictional high-school character, attend classes, make new friends, enjoy extra-curricular activities, go on dates, and play the personality they’ve always wanted to within a high-school setting.

What is the most popular Minecraft Roleplay?

View Minecraft Roleplay Servers

Rank Name Players
1 Sunny Survival 286/250
2 NationsGlory 1340/1341
3 Azalea Realms 36/200
4 MCHub Minecraft Roleplay server 6572/6573

How do you join a Minecraft Roleplay?

To play a roleplay Minecraft server all you need to do is install Minecraft. After you have installed Minecraft click Multiplayer, then click add server. Next you want to copy the server IP from the list of Minecraft servers above and put it into the launcher.

How do you play Minecraft Roleplay?

So in order to properly role-play, one must know more about his/her’s character.

  1. Put together an appropriate medieval-styled Minecraft skin. This will take care of your character’s physical aspect.
  2. Find anyone to RP with. Don’t use global chat, as global is somewhat non-RP.
  3. Act. It’s very simple.
  4. Have Fun! Advertisement.