What is the best food source of selenium?

Brazil nuts
Brazil nuts, seafoods, and organ meats are the richest food sources of selenium [1]. Other sources include muscle meats, cereals and other grains, and dairy products.

Which nut is the most reliable food source of selenium?

Brazil nuts are one of the best sources of selenium. One ounce, or about six to eight nuts, contains about 544 mcg.

What form of selenium is best absorbed?

What is the best type of selenium supplement? Selenium in the form of selenomethionine may be the best option. This form has been shown to have superior absorption rates compared with other forms of selenium used in supplements, including sodium selenite ( 3 , 8 , 9 ).

Can you get too much selenium from Brazil nuts?

Yes, if you get too much. Brazil nuts, for example, contain very high amounts of selenium (68–91 mcg per nut) and can cause you to go over the upper limit if you eat too many.

Where is selenium found in nature?

Because selenium occurs naturally in Earth’s crust, its presence in air, water, and soil results from both geologic reactions and human activity. Selenium is found concentrated naturally in soils that overlie bedrock with high selenium concentrations.

Is there selenium in oatmeal?

Whether having a bowl for breakfast, using it to thicken smoothies, or substituting flour in baked goods, oatmeal is an excellent selenium source. A cup of instant oatmeal contains 10 micrograms of selenium, while raw oats have up to 23 micrograms.

Does garlic have selenium?

Most of our common foods, however, contain a very low level of selenium; for example, natural garlic contains <0.05 μg Se/g garlic (32). The selenium content of plants is dependent upon the amount of selenium in the soil.

How can I get selenium in my diet?

15 foods that contain selenium

  1. Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are very high in selenium, with 1 ounce (oz), or 6–8 nuts, containing 544 mcg.
  2. Tuna. Around 3 oz of cooked, yellowfin tuna contains 92 mcg of selenium, or 167% of the adult DV.
  3. Halibut.
  4. Sardines.
  5. Roasted ham.
  6. Shrimp.
  7. Enriched macaroni.
  8. Turkey.

What blocks the absorption of selenium?

Smoke cigarettes. Drink alcohol. Take birth control pills. Have a condition that prevents your body from absorbing enough selenium, such as Crohn disease or ulcerative colitis.

Do walnuts selenium?

One ounce of of walnuts (~12-14 halves) contains 2.6 grams of ALA (more than any other nut). contain 4 g protein and 2 g fiber (8% of the recommended daily intake) per ounce. are rich in antioxidants, including vitamin E and selenium.