What is the best Dickens book to read first?

Where to start reading Charles Dickens

  • A Christmas Carol (1843)
  • David Copperfield (1849)
  • Oliver Twist (1837)
  • Bleak House (1852)
  • A Tale of Two Cities (1859)
  • The Pickwick Papers (1836)

Which Charles Dickens book should I start with?

If you are unused to Dickens’s style of writing and language, start with a relatively easy book such as A Christmas Carol or Oliver Twist.

Which Dickens should I read?

The best Charles Dickens books for every type of reader

  • Bleak House. by Charles Dickens.
  • Oliver Twist. by Charles Dickens.
  • Great Expectations. by Charles Dickens.
  • Hard Times. by Charles Dickens.
  • A Tale of Two Cities. by Charles Dickens.
  • The Pickwick Papers. by Charles Dickens.
  • Ghost Stories. by Charles Dickens.
  • David Copperfield.

What grade level is Oliver Twist?

Grades 3-8
A life of poverty, hard work, and redemption is retold in the Calico Illustrated Classics adaptation of Dickens’s Oliver Twist. Calico Chapter Books is an imprint of Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO Group. Grades 3-8.

What is Dickens funniest book?

The Pickwick Papers – Charles Dickens.

What is Charles Dickens least popular book?

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
The least popular Dickens novel was, unsurprisingly, his unfinished final work The Mystery of Edwin Drood, with 0.8% of the vote, narrowly behind Martin Chuzzlewit (1%), The Old Curiosity Shop (1.2%) and Nicholas Nickleby (1.8%).

Is a tale of two cities hard to read?

This is not a difficult Dickens to read, but if this is your first foray into the world of literature, you may find it difficult. Take it slow, looking up words you don’t understand, and finish the novel. It is well worth your time.

Is A Tale of Two Cities hard to read?

What reading level is Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol?

7th – 10th
Scholastic Classics: A Christmas Carol: Word Search (Hard)

Age Range 12 – 16 years
Grade Level 7th – 10th
ISBN 9780439101332
Lexile 560L
Themes classics morality tale

Which is better David Copperfield or Great Expectations?

The author himself might have preferred David Copperfield, but Guardian readers have voted for Great Expectations as their favourite Charles Dickens novel. Pip’s adventures won 24.9% of the reader poll, well ahead of the second-placed Bleak House with 16.9%.