What is the best build for a tank in ESO?

Elder Scrolls Online: The 4 Best Tank Builds (2022)

  • Best Overall Tank Build: Stamina Dragonknight.
  • Best Health Tank Build: Stamina Necromancer.
  • Best Off-Meta Tank Build: Stamina Warden.
  • Best Magicka Tank Build: Vampire Magicka Nightblade.
  • Join the High Ground.

What is best weapon for tank ESO?

You should use a Frost Staff as they are the most useful. Frost Staves: These are the most useful weapon to use as they offer you actual defence as a Tank and there is very little risk to using a Frost Staff compared to a One Hand and Shield.

What is best for Dragonknight?

Dark Elf is probably ESO’s best race for Dragonknight in terms of DPS, as you get a lot of stat bonuses that will help with dealing more damage and survivability. The Dark Elf provides you with an extra 1910 magicka and stamina, and an increased 258 spell and weapon damage, along with 4620 flame resistance.

What is the best race for a tank?

Tank Race Tier List & Comments

  1. 1 – Imperial. Generally the best options for Tanking due to the huge amount of extra Health and Stamina and sustain through the cost reduction passive.
  2. 2 – Redguard. Great class for Tanking now and also useful when switching to a sustaining DD.
  3. 3 – Argonian.
  4. 4 – Orc.
  5. 5 – Nord.

How much health should a tank have ESO?

Attributes. Each time you level up, you gain Attribute Points up until level 50 – at level 50 you will have 64 Attributes. Stats to aim for: Max Health: 38k.

Is Nightblade tank good ESO?

Nightblades make really solid tanks if built and played correctly. While most people like to think that nightblades are incapable of tanking higher level content, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Do tanks do damage ESO?

You won’t be dealing any damage but your buffs and debuffs will increase the total group DPS by a lot and that’s what tanks do in ESO. We will also take a close look at the best tank class in ESO. ESO Tanks buff and debuff to increase the total damage output. So we could say that tank is a support role.

Is Dragonknight good for DPS?

Updated November 8, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: Dragonknights in The Elder Scrolls Online excel at two things: being a Tank and being a DPS. They are particularly adept at these two roles thanks to their class skills that emphasize high damage output at close range and class skills that are oriented around self-defense.