What is the best brake rotor brand?

  1. Editor’s Pick: ACDelco Professional Brake Rotor.
  2. Bosch QuietCast Rotor.
  3. ACDelco Advantage Non-Coated Rotor.
  4. DuraGo Premium Electrophoretic Brake Rotor.
  5. DuraGo Vented Disc Brake Rotor.
  6. Centric Parts Premium Brake Rotor.
  7. Wagner Premium E-Coated Brake Rotor.
  8. Raybestos Advanced Technology Disc Brake Rotor.

How long do duralast rotors last?

The duralast rotors only make it about 15k before warping. I had some warranty left of them so I swapped them out and swapped the pads since they are lifetime warranty. These duralast rotors are only last about 15k miles. That’s horrible!

What is the difference between duralast and duralast Gold rotors?

Duralast Gold brakes are designed to directly replace your car’s OE pads and rotors, and they’re built to meet or exceed OE performance. Duralast Gold Ceramics offer quiet stopping and ultra-low brake dust. Continue reading to learn all about what sets Duralast Gold brakes apart.

Are AutoZone brake parts any good?

AutoZone brake pads are a good choice for most vehicle owners. Both the Duralast and the Duralast Gold line of brake pads are sold by AutoZone, they are easy to shop for and return and are a smart choice for your vehicle. Both of these brake pads provide excellent construction and performance.

How is Duralast?

The best features of Duralast batteries are their top-quality materials and durability. They are made of calcium. So Duralast car batteries last three to five years on average. You can reserve a wide range of batteries with this one, making them a great pick.

Are cheap brake rotors any good?

Economy rotors are typically made from the cheapest scrap iron. Quality can be very inconsistent from batch to batch and even from one rotor to the next. This can create hard spots that lead to warping and pedal pulsation problems later on as the rotors wear.

Are drilled and slotted rotors better?

Given the choice between drill holes and slots, the drill holes will give you better braking power over slots for normal city/highway driving. This is why high end BMW, Porsche, Corvette, and Mercedes rotors are drilled, not slotted. However, for track racing (high speed stops), slotted rotors are the better choice.

Are BrakeBest parts any good?

Our opinion is that both of these brands are of acceptable quality and both are viable options if you’re looking for a cheap replacement for some of your OEM parts. There are certainly better aftermarket parts out there, but for most people, both BrakeBest Select and Duralast parts will get the job done.

Where are duralast gold rotors made?

– Duralast rotors in March 2010: made in Mexico (so I suspect it was made by Brmebo, because Brembo rotors are made in Mexico too) —> 2-yr warranty, no questions asked. – Duralast pads 1 week ago: also made in Mexico —> Duralast pads are warranteed for life as long as you own the car.

How long does Duralast Gold brakes last?

A 40,000 mile range is a general rule of thumb. Around 25,000 to 65,000 miles is the average lifespan of the brake pads. Some people have heard of brake pads lasting more than 80,000 miles.

How long do Duralast brake pads last?

A 40,000 mile range is a general rule of thumb. Around 25,000 to 65,000 miles is the average lifespan of the brake pads.