What is Tectal mass?

Tectal glioma is a slow-growing brain tumor in the tectum (or roof of the brain stem), which controls vital body functions such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. Tectal glioma is a low-grade glioma.

What does Tectal plate do?

The tectal plate is a region of the brain, specifically the dorsal part of the mesencephalon. This is contrasted with the tegmentum, which refers to the region ventral to the ventricular system. The tectal plate is responsible for auditory and visual reflexes.

What is Tectal breaking?

Tectal beaking refers to the fusion of the midbrain colliculi into a single beak pointing posteriorly and invaginating into the cerebellum. It is seen with a Chiari type II malformation.

What is tectum made of?

TECTUM® panels are highly durable panels made of Aspen wood fibers held together with a cementitious binder.

What’s the difference between tectum and tegmentum?

The tegmentum is the ventral part of the midbrain and the tectum is the dorsal part of the midbrain. It is located between the ventricular system and distinctive basal or ventral structures at each level. It forms the floor of the midbrain (mesencephalon) whereas the tectum forms the ceiling.

Where is Tectal plate located?

The quadrigeminal plate, also known as the tectal plate or tectum, is constituted by the superior and inferior colliculi. The tectum is the dorsal portion of the midbrain (brainstem), located posteriorly to the mesencephalic aqueduct. It derives from the alar plate of the neural tube during embryonic development.

Is a low grade glioma benign or malignant?

Low grade gliomas are benign (non-cancerous) tumours (grade I or II) that develop from brain cells called astrocytes.

Does tectum contain asbestos?

It’s called Tectum, and the first question we usually get asked about it is “Does this stuff contain asbestos?” No it does not.