What is TDLU composed of?

The TDLU consists of the extralobular terminal ducts and intralobular terminal ducts. The intralobular terminal ducts form the central space of the lobule and have multiple outpouchings called acini or ductules.

What comprises the terminal ductal lobular unit TDLU in the breast?

The collecting duct drains several side branches, each arising from a terminal duct lobular unit (TDLU), the basic functional and histopathological unit of the breast. The terminal duct lobular unit is composed of a small segment of the terminal duct and a cluster of ductules, which are the effective secretory units.

What are Involuted breasts?

Lobular involution is the process by which the breast epithelial tissue is gradually lost with aging of the mammary gland. While postlactational involution and lobular involution are distinct processes, recent studies have indicated that both are related to breast cancer development.

What is the functional unit of breast?

The breast consists for the most part of adipose and connective tissue, enclosing a smaller proportion of glands. The glandular tissue consists of the lactiferous ducts and the so-called terminal ductal-lobular units (TDLUs), which are the morphological and functional unit of the breast gland.

Where is the TDLU located?

Terminal duct lobular units (TDLUs) are the structures within the breast that produce milk and the primary source of most breast cancer precursors and cancers (Figure 1) (1).

What are in breast?

The breast is made up of connective tissue, fat, and breast tissue that contains the glands that can make milk. Also called mammary gland.

Which structures form the TDLU of the breast?

The TDLU is the functional unit of the breast….TDLUs consists of:

  • extralobar terminal duct (ETD) which attaches the lobule to the ductal system.
  • intralobar terminal duct (ITD) continues the duct system into the lobule.
  • clusters of 10-100 sac-like acini that open into the ITD.

What is the difference between DCIS and LCIS?

Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) is a type of in-situ carcinoma of the breast. While DCIS is considered a pre-cancer, it is unclear whether LCIS is definitely a pre-cancer or if it is just a general risk factor for developing breast cancer.

What happens during Mammogenesis?

MAMMOGENESIS. Mammogenesis is the process of growth and development of the mammary gland in preparation for milk production. This process begins when the mammary gland is exposed to estrogen at puberty and is completed during the third trimester of pregnancy.

What is fatty involution of breast?

Age-related lobular involution, or physiologic atrophy of the breast, is a process wherein there is a reduction in the number and size of the acini per lobule and replacement of the intralobular stroma with dense collagen and, ultimately, fatty tissue.

Where is milk stored in the breast?

The breasts produce milk from water and nutrients removed from the bloodstream. The milk is stored in the lobules until the hormone oxytocin signals the tiny muscles in the lobules to contract, and push the milk through the ducts. This process is called let-down reflex or the milk-ejection reflex.

Where is milk secreted?

mammary glands
Human milk is secreted through your mammary glands, which are located in your breasts. Lactation is hormonally driven and occurs naturally in people who are pregnant. It can also be induced in those who are not pregnant. Lactation will continue as long as milk is being removed from your breasts.