What is Tabak Maranao?

All of its culinary warfare comes to life during the Pagana Maranao, an extravagant banquet showcasing all of its homemade recipes decked in ornate table trays called tabak.

What is the meaning of Maranao?

People of the Lake
Maranao means “People of the Lake,” after their traditional territory in the area surrounding Lake Lanao in the Bukidnon-Lanao Plateau, which is some 2,200 feet above sea level. They are one of the largest Islamic groups in the Philippines.

What is take care in Maranao?

(intransitive) To be cautious, careful or prudent.

What is Baggang Kettan?

The baggang kettan is a mix of chiseled triangles and rectangles. The ukil lagbas combines waves and straight lines, often used for shirts, curtain drapes and boat sails. Modern designs feature patterns inspired by fish, vine leaves, eyes and diamonds.

What is Landap?

Each landap is a symbol of royalty and value in the Maranao society. In the past, only Datu’s and Ba-e’s (Kings and Queens) families and selected members of the society are able to wear them. Each color determines the person’s position in the society and from which family they are from.

What is the Maranao of I Love You?

Pekababaya-an ko seka!

What is the meaning of Kashawing?

KASHAWING -a ritual to ensure abundance during rice planting and harvesting. The ritual involves a reenactment of the pact made by the ancestors of the community and the unseen spirits that inhabit the lake.

What is Tita in Maranao?

Tía, Tita: aunt; sister or female. cousin of parent; wife of parent’s. brother or male cousin.

What is Badju Lapi?

The Badju Lapi is a tight blouse with long sleeves and ornamented with gold, silver or bronze buttons. The Sawal is the traditional tight-fitting trousers made of a Yakan fabric characterized by its vertical stripes design. The trousers are then covered by the Pinalantupan skirt.

What is Lunsey?

lunsey. A type of song. It can be about any subject and often is made up as it is sung. The tune repeats itself in stanzas. It is sung for entertainment only.

What is langkit?

‘Langkit’ are the bands of woven tapestry used to decorate and join three plain-woven coloured pieces of silk that make up the ‘malong’. The two narrow’ langkit’ that are used to join the separate pieces of silk horizontally across the malong are called tobrian.