What is suo moto in Urdu?

On their or its own initiative, without external prompting or explicit demand.

What is the meaning of suo moto cognizance?

‘Suo motu’ is a Latin term which means ‘on its own motion’. When the Court takes suo moto cognisance of an issue, it institutes a case on its own accord by taking cognisance of a public issue.

What suo moto meaning in Hindi?

suo moto. SUO MOTO= अपनी ओर से [pr. {apani or se} ](adverb) उदाहरण : लेकिन गाँधीजी अपनी ओर से दिया गया वचन तोडने को राजी नहीं थे।

How do you use suo motu in a sentence?

For example, it is used where a government agency acts on its own cognizance, as in “the Commission took suo motu control over the matter.” Example – “there is no requirement that a court suo motu instruct a jury upon these defenses.” State v. Pierson.

What is the meaning of SOU in Urdu?

Noun. A former French coin of low denomination; often used of any small amount of money. he hasn’t a sou to his name. ایک پرانا فراسیسی چھوٹا سکّہ کوئی بھی یا ذرا سی بھی رقم

What is suo motu power?

This ‘suo moto’ power allows the Court to take up cases without any petition being filed, or interest being brought before them. One of the most prominent forms of India’s suo moto power is to punish for contempt of court under Article 129 of the Constitution of India, 1950 and the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971.

Which is correct Cognisance or cognizance?

or cog·ni·sance awareness, realization, or knowledge; notice; perception: The guests took cognizance of the snide remark.

What is meant by sumoto case?

Suo Moto cases are instances wherein the High Courts and the Supreme court of India using their inherent powers initiate a hearing by taking cognizance of any matter on its own, without anybody filing any appeal or writ petition.

What does Saaz mean in Urdu?

साज़ساز to build relationship/ musical instrument.

Can police take suo moto case?

Police can in- vestigate suo motu only cog- nizable cases. Police to record information in non-cognizable cases also. (i) The F.I.R. in murder cases should be sent to the Magistrate concerned immediately in his Court during Court hours and at his residence thereafter.

Can judicial review suo moto?

Judicial review- review is the power of the courts to declare any law unconstitutional on the grounds that it violates the fundamental rights of the Constitution of India. The courts cannot take suo moto cognizance to declare a law invalid unless filed by an aggrieved party.