What is SMS salary?

SMS Group Salaries in India

Designation Average SalaryYearly YearlyMonthly
Graduate Engineer Trainee (Get) (Not enough exp. data) 5,00,000/yr (4.0L/yr – 5.5L/yr)
Project Manager (12 – 21 yrs exp) 21,50,000/yr (17.6L/yr – 30.0L/yr)
Senior Executive (7 – 17 yrs exp) 9,90,000/yr (8.0L/yr – 11.0L/yr)

What is the salary of IGS?

The average IGS salary ranges from approximately ₹1.3 Lakhs per year for a Associate to ₹ 10.1 Lakhs per year for a Senior Automation Test Engineer. Salary estimates are based on 349 IGS salaries received from various employees of IGS. IGS employees rate the overall salary and benefits package 3.4/5 stars.

What is GEL salary?

Average annual salary in GEL is INR 7.3 lakhs.

What is the salary of DPO in Pakistan?

In Pakistan police, the basic pay rate for DIG post is BPS 20. The DIG police salary is Rs. 59210 – 120210.

Is IFS salary more than IAS?

IAS has a good amount of pay scale which is almost the same as an Indian foreign service officer. But the salary of the latter is higher than that of the former because an Indian foreign service officer gets more allowances than an Indian administrative officer.

What will an IFS officer earn after 5 or 10 years?

An IFS Officer’s overall salary would be around 60000 INR including all the perks and allowances.

What is the salary of CID in Pakistan?

Pay Scale: Pay Scale Varies With Ranks. However, One Can Get Pay Range Between Rs. 8000-24500. In Addition To The Salary, Civil Servants Receive Various Allowances (Money Paid To A Person To Meet Needs Or Expenses) Such As Grade Pay, Dearness Allowance, Leave Travel Allowance, Medical, And Housing Etc.

Is SHO same as inspector?

SHO (Station House Officer) holds the responsibility of Police stations in India. SHO is categorised as an inspector and sub-inspector. As per Indian law, it allows SHO to investigate crimes.

Is IFS a stressful job?

An IFS officer is the one who represents the nation in various countries. So, you should mold your personality accordingly. The benefits and perks are very eye-catching but the responsibilities are very stressful.

Is Sunday holiday for IFS officer?

Do IFS officers (foreign) get holiday on weekends? Once you join the Civil Services of India, you are always on duty till you retire. You may not have to come to office during weekends but it just cannot happen that you say goodbye to your work from Friday evening to Monday morning.