What is Siser EasyWeed Electric?

EasyWeed Electric – Heat Transfer Vinyl EasyWeed Electric comes on a pressure-sensitive carrier which makes cutting detailed designs and logos a breeze. EasyWeed Electric is durable wash after wash and maintains its bright color and brilliant finish.

How do you use Siser EasyWeed electric HTV?

Application instructions (Heat press)

  1. Cut in reverse.
  2. Weed excess material.
  3. Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Apply design at 305°F/150°C.
  5. Use medium pressure for 15 seconds.
  6. Peel carrier hot or cold.

Is Siser electric HTV cold peel?

Siser EasyWeed™ is a cuttable heat transfer vinyl material. It applies at a lower temperature, can be peeled HOT or COLD and doesn’t lift during weeding. It’s also extremely durable wash after wash and uses a lower pressure setting for application.

Which is better Cricut or Siser?

Cricut Iron-On is not quite as easy to use as Siser EasyWeed, so it’s not quite the best iron on vinyl. It is a little thicker, so it requires deeper cut settings and takes much longer to transfer. However, the Cricut brand is just as reliable as Siser, so you know you are always getting a product that will last.

Can Siser electric HTV be layered?

Siser® HTV provides all kinds of options for you to layer, however not ALL heat transfer vinyl can be layered. If you want to check if your HTV can be layered, simply go to www.siser.com, select the product from the drop down menu, then select “technical data” and check if it “Can be layered” or not.

Can Siser EasyWeed electric HTV be layered?

Can Siser EasyWeed be used with Cricut?

Click the flashing Cricut button on the Maker when you’re ready to send your test cut. Unload the mat after cutting, and use your Siser® Weeder to pick out the triangle. If the test cut was successful, then the triangle and square will weed away easily.

How long does Siser HTV last?

Your Vinyl Will Eventually Peel Off! Cricut Iron-On Vinyl will outlast 50+ washes, whilst Siser HTV (our favorite) will outlast 100+ washes.

Can you sublimate on Siser electric HTV?

You already know Siser® Glitter HTV can be sublimated, but what if you want to spare yourself the sparkle? Siser has the sublimation solution for you! Now offering, EasySubli®, the matte heat transfer vinyl that’s receptive to sublimation inks!

Why is my HTV bubbling?

How to get bubbles out of vinyl? When you over-press your vinyl design, htv bubbling will happen. Applying too much heat to the vinyl will cause the glue that helps adhere it to the material to either evaporate. And your hold won’t be as strong, it will push up the glue and form bubbles.

How do I keep my HTV from shrinking?

How Can I apply HTV To Minimize Shrinking? In order to keep your HTV from shrinking too much, only press for the total recommended time. For example, this 2 layer design is made up of EasyWeed™ fluorescent raspberry and EasyWeed™ Glow. They can be applied at 305°F for 10-15 seconds.