What is Radix Isatidis good for?

Radix isatidis, also known as Ban-Lan-Gen in Chinese, is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine that has traditionally been used for the treatment of influenza, viral pneumonia, mumps, pharyngitis, and hepatitis [14].

Does Isatis work?

Although antiviral and immune-stimulating activity has been shown in lab studies, there is no proof from clinical trials that isatis root can effectively treat the common cold, reduce fever, or fight viral infections.

What is banlangen tea good for?

Background. Ban-Lan-Gen (BLG) is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. It has been used for the prevention and treatment of virus-related respiratory diseases such as influenza virus infection.

How do you ban lan gen tea?

For Wind-Heat or Wind-Cold Conditions

  1. Take 1 packet for 3 times a day. Best to take at the early onset of symptoms.
  2. To prepare, boil one cup of water in a tea pot and add one packet of Ban Lan Gen Chong Ji granules.

When is the best time to take Xiao Yao San?

For best results, we recommend taking two to three packets of Emotional Balance a day starting about 1 week before your period begins, or as needed through perimenopause. Xiao Yao San has been around for centuries, but DAO Labs has modernized it, making it easier to understand.

What is banlangen Keli tea?

Banlangen Keli is a tea obtained from Ban Lan Gen or Isatis Tinctoria, which is a root used in traditional Chinese Medicine. It is being used for more than 2000 years. It is otherwise called Da Qing Ye, Banlangen, Isatis indigotica root, indigo woad root, radix isatidis, woad, and dyer’s woad.

What is Ban Lan Gen made of?

Derived from the root of a flowering plant called woad, or Isatis tinctoria, ban lan gen has a certain logical appeal as a cure-all for many in China, where it is widely used to combat the common cold.