What is princess necklace?

Princess necklaces are defined either by their length or style. The length is longer than a choker but shorter than a matinee necklace. The 18-inch length is thought to be the most universal and flattering length. Any pendant or focal piece will usually rest right below the collar bones.

Are initial necklaces good?

Whether you wear one for sentimental reasons, or just as a simple way to accessorise and elevate a look, the best initial necklaces remain the A-list’s favourite way to pep up a neckline.

What is an opera necklace?

An opera necklace is between 28 and 37 inches in length, which falls gracefully on the bust or a couple of inches below. This style will look beautiful paired with a high neckline or evening wear. This necklace can be worn as a large single strand or doubled up to create a stylish two-strand choker style necklace.

What does necklace symbolize as a gift?

The most popular meaning of jewelry giving as a gift is a necklace. The reason for its popularity is that it is free-size jewelry. The only thing you have to consider is the design of it. Giving a necklace as a gift means protection, hope for safety, consideration, caring, and devotion.

Why is Kendra Scott jewelry so popular?

What Makes Kendra Scott Jewelry Unique? Apart from versatile, high quality and one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, the brand is also innovative in crafting its jewelry pieces with different materials and techniques.

Is Kendra Scott real jewelry?

Kendra Scott utilizes dozens of different materials for its jewelry collection. Depending on the piece in question, metals such as gold, silver, rose-gold, and rhodium are commonly used for chains and bands. They also use several cuts of gemstones, including diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and more.

What types of initial necklaces do we offer?

We offer a variety of silver & rose gold initial necklaces, silver initial pendants & rose gold initial pendants that you will love. From our classic sterling silver disc initial necklace to tiffany style heart tag letter pendants and rose gold star or bar initial necklaces.

How to make a monogram necklace with your name?

You can use just the first letter of your given name or be like RF (Roger Federer) and use both or create a monogram necklace with the first letters of your given and surnames, usually in the order of – first initial | last initial |middle initial. Star necklace engraved with initial M with script font.

What is initial jewellery and how to give it?

Initial jewellery is the perfect way to give a personalised gift, a classic style that looks beautiful on everyone and offers a range of options. Give their initial, your initial, or any combination of initials that are meaningful to your loved one and show them how well you know them. What are good occasions to offer initial jewellery?

What kind of letters can be engraved on a necklace?

Popular letters to be engraved on initial necklaces. Letter A engraved on sterling silver disc necklace to produce an initial necklace. Taylor Swift’s subtle accessory choice for her song “Delicate” seems to be a shout-out to her boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn.