What is passthrough traffic in Silver Peak?

Data Path addresses are assigned to each LAN or WAN interface. Multicast Traffic is dropped. Pass-through traffic is forwarded between all interfaces if the destination subnet is known.

What is WAN hardening in Silver Peak?

WAN Hardening enables enterprises to deploy Unity EdgeConnect appliances directly onto the Internet. No unauthorized outside traffic is allowed to enter the branch. If a packet is not in the Silver Peak encrypted tunnel it is denied access and immediately dropped.

Is Silver Peak a firewall?

Silver Peak appliances support stateful firewall and “WAN hardening”.

Does Silver Peak support multicast?

Silver Peak improves the video experience in the following ways: Multicast with Network Memory. Silver Peak eliminates the transfer of duplicate information across the WAN.

What is passthrough traffic?

Passthrough Traffic is network traffic that was not optimized, therefore, bypassed. A graphical representation of a Total Passthrough traffic. Graph views can be modified by adjusting the Peer or by Period. A report can be generated by exporting the data into a PDF document.

What is path conditioning?

Path Conditioning overcomes the adverse effects of dropped and out-of-order packets that are common with broadband Internet and MPLS connections.

What is FEC in Silver Peak?

Adaptive Forward Error Correction (FEC). Silver Peak uses packet-level FEC to reconstitute lost packets at the far end of a WAN link, avoiding delays that come with multiple round-trip retransmissions. This enables WANs to easily recover from packet loss, regardless of the reason.

What is Silver Peak subnet sharing?

What is subnet sharing? Subnet sharing is one of the three strategies that Silver Peak uses to auto-optimize all IP traffic, automatically directing flows to the appropriate tunnel. Auto-optimization strategies reduce the need to create explicit route map entries to optimize traffic.

What is Silver Peak Edge connect?

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect appliances alone provide enhanced application performance for broadband or hybrid WAN deployments, utilizing the included Dynamic Path Control (DPC) for real-time traffic steering over multiple WAN links, and Path Conditioning for overcoming the adverse effects of dropped and out-of-order …

Who manages the Silver Peak Cloud Portal?

Orchestrator. Silver Peak global management software. Manages, provisions, and monitors Silver Peak devices within a network. – must connect to Cloud Portal.

Why would you use IP passthrough?

The IP Passthrough feature allows a single PC on the LAN to have the Router’s public address assigned to it. It also provides Port Address Translation (PAT)–Network Address Port Translation (NAPT) via the same public IP address for all other hosts on the private LAN subnet.

What is WIFI passthrough?

Adding a passthrough will allow you to use your device without having to login at the beginning of your session.