What is output force example?

The upward force the board exerts on the load is the output force. Examples of levers include: pliers, a wheelbarrow, and the human biceps and forearm. All levers include a stiff structure (the lever) that rotates around a fixed point called the fulcrum.

What is input and output force?

The input force that you use on an inclined plane is the force with which you push or pull an object. The output force is the force that you would need to lift the object without the inclined plane.

What is input force force?

The input force is the force you apply to the machine, and the output force is the force the machine applies to the object you are trying to move. A machine can be arranged to generate a large output force from a small input force. Input and Output Forces.

What is output force in physics?

Output force is the force exerted on an object by a simple machine.

What is the unit for output force?

This unit is also known as the watt (W). One joule of work done in one second is one watt of power.

What is another name for output force?

Work-Force Terms

output force another name for resistance force
efficiency measure of how much of the work put into a machine is changed into useful work
ideal machine fictional machine in which no friction or gravity affects occur
lever bar that is free to pivot about a fixed point

How do you calculate input and output force?

It will be necessary to determine force when you want to calculate the work input in a pulley or a system of pulleys. Work is determined by multiplying force by distance traveled: Work (W) = Force (F)X Distance (d) W=Fd.

What is the relationship between input output and load force?

With a lever, the input force (also called the effort) is the force you apply. The output force is the force exerted on the load you are lifting. A simple machine can create an output force large enough to lift a p g g heavy load with a smaller input force.

What is output force called?

input force. force you exert on a machine. output force. force exerted by a machine. output distance.

How do you find the input force?

Calculate the work input in a pulley by using the previous readings in the correct mathematical equation: Work (W) equals force (f) multiplied by distance (d), or W=fd. The work done by the pulley is the equation of weight (w) multiplied by height traveled (h).