What is Oscoda known for?

If you’re looking for a trophy size fish, Oscoda is the right place for you. The area is known for walleye fishing, but the Au Sable River and other inner lakes and streams attract trout, salmon and perch.

Does Oscoda have a downtown?

Downtown Oscoda, MI The downtown shopping area offers fun for all ages, too: ice cream shops, a fabulous bakery/cafe, restaurants and more are all in walking distance to the beachfront.

Are dogs allowed at Oscoda Beach Park?

Oscoda Beach Park is pet-friendly. Leashed dogs are welcome to hang out on the sand, but there’s plenty to do for humans, too. The beach is adjacent to a skateboard park, playground, pier, boardwalk, pavilion and there are restrooms, too. Oscoda Beach Park is open every day of the week from 7am to 10pm.

Is Oscoda Michigan Nice?

People are friendly and polite. The area is home to several lakes and rivers. The scenery is hard to beat! Oscoda is a beautiful and scenic town with many sites to see.

What does the word Oscoda mean?

Oscoda County History texts suggest Oscoda County’s name is another one manufactured by Henry Schoolcraft, this time to mean “stoney field,” with its roots in the words “ossin,” meaning stone, and “muskoda,” meaning prairie.

How much snow did Oscoda MI get?

Climate Averages

Oscoda, Michigan United States
Rainfall 30.8 in. 38.1 in.
Snowfall 57.2 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 119.5 days 106.2 days
Sunny 173 days 205 days

Is Van Etten Lake an all sports lake?

Van Etten Lake is a year round all sports Lake for boating, fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, canoeing, water skiing, tubing, swimming, ice fishing and snowmobiling.

Where is Wurtsmith Air Force Base?

The 5,223-acre Wurtsmith Air Force Base (Wurtsmith AFB) is located on the northeastern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula.

What river runs through Oscoda Michigan?

the Au Sable River
Oscoda is an unincorporated community in the U.S. state of Michigan located on the northern side of the Au Sable River where it enters Lake Huron.

How big is Oscoda Michigan?

608 acresOscoda / Area

Is Van Etten Lake polluted?

On the other end of the base is Van Etten Lake, a 1,320-acre water body that’s hit hard by base plumes, which, on breezy days, cause a microlayer of PFAS on the water surface form a toxic foam along the shoreline that health officials say to avoid.

What kind of fish are in Van Etten Lake?

Van Etten Lake is located in Iosco County, Michigan. This lake is 1,320 acres in size. It is approximately 33 feet deep at its deepest point. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Chinook Salmon, Lake Sturgeon, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Yellow Perch.