What is my old Tonka truck worth?

Most Tonka trucks in good condition from the late ’40s through the early ’60s can be purchased for between $100 and $300. Because so many Tonka products were manufactured, standard outlets including flea markets, garage sales and antique stores are good sources for Tonka trucks.

How can you tell if a Tonka truck is vintage?

Logo Identification Look at the Tonka logo. From 1947 to 1977, changes were made to the logo every few years which makes it an easy identifier for early-edition Tonka trucks. Identify the colors of the logo. If the Tonka logo shows a blue sea and seagulls, it was likely to be manufactured between 1947 and 1957.

How much does a Tonka cost?

An eye-watering $96,304. That price includes a brand-new F-150 chassis sourced by Tuscany directly from Ford, as well as the Tonka package installed by the folks at Tuscany. Muscle Motors is asking $49,000 for it, which seems like a solid price.

When did Tonka switch to plastic?

1991: The TONKA brand joined the Hasbro family of toys and over the years expands into many areas of play including smaller steel, motorized and durable plastic outdoor trucks.

Does Tonka still make metal toys?

Tonka is getting back to its roots with the Steel Classics Toughest Mighty Dump Truck! Built to last and withstand even the toughest Tonka kids, this is a deluxe version of the Classic Mighty Dump Truck!

Does anyone Restore Tonka Trucks?

MW Restorations has made a name for itself rebuilding old toy vehicles and recently got its hands on a 1975 Tonka pickup truck in pretty rough shape. MW took to YouTube to document the painstaking process required to completely restore it, which is far more elaborate than anything we expected to see.

How much does a Ford F-150 Tonka truck cost?

It’s around $50,000 for the F-150 + $20,000 for the Tonka package. With just 182 miles on the odometer, this is one of 500 Tonka Ford F-150’s built by the Tuscany Motor Company out of Indiana.

How much is a Ford Tonka truck worth?

Yes, this 2020 Ford F150 will cost you $118,500. This is the fusion of “Built Ford Tough” and “Tonka Tough.” You know what tough Tonka truck toys are, right? This is the aftermarket-laden real-life version of the Tonka pickup truck.