What is Monarc subfascial hammock?

The Monarc + and Monarc C subfascial hammocks are sterile, single use procedure kits, each consisting of two stainless steel, curved needle passers. The tip portion of each needle passer is configured to allow for secure placement of the connectors. Each needle passer has a plastic handle attached.

What is a monarch sling?

The Monarc sling is a minimally invasive operation, often combined with a vaginal repair, to correct stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The sling supports the mid portion of the urethra in a “tension free” fashion, ie it only acts when lifting/ straining/ coughing.

Is bladder lift surgery painful?

You may feel some pain or cramping in your lower abdomen and may need to take pain medications for 1 or 2 weeks. Most people fully recover from this procedure in about 6 weeks. As with any surgery, bladder lift surgery comes with some risks.

Can I have my bladder sling removed?

Mesh erosion into the bladder is a rare but known complication of pubovaginal tension-free polypropylene mesh slings that requires removal of the portion of the sling that has eroded into the bladder. Additional reasons, such as persistent pain attributed to the sling itself, may necessitate removal as well.

How many years does a bladder lift last?

Bladder suspension surgery works well to treat stress incontinence in most cases. Success rates for open retropubic suspension surgery range from 85%-90%. But, the effects do not last forever. Symptoms can return over time, usually after five years.

How is a bladder sling removed?

Mesh that has eroded vaginally can easily be removed with the patient under local anesthesia through a small suburethral incision. Mesh erosion into the urethra requires a vaginal approach with removal of the mesh and repair of the urethra.

How painful is mesh removal surgery?

Patients need to be aware that despite removal of the mesh at least one in three women will experience ongoing pain and only about one in three will have complete resolution of the pain.

Is a bladder lift major surgery?

Yes, cystocele (bladder prolapse) repair is major surgery. Even if your surgery is done through a less invasive way, surgeries to repair prolapse tend to be major surgery.

Can a bladder sling be removed?