What is meant by Apocarpous and Syncarpous?

Apocarpous ovary: The flowers with apocarpus ovary have more than one carpel. These carpels are free. Eg: lotus and rose flowers. Syncarpous ovary: The flowers with syncarpous ovary have more than one carpel. However, these carpels are fused.

What are Apocarpous flowers?

The terms apocarpous and syncarpous refer to compound pistils composed of more than one carpel. Apocarpous flowers contain two or more distinct carpels (such as the larkspur and peony shown above). In syncarpous flowers, two or more carpels are fused together (connate).

What is Polycarpellary?

Definition of polycarpellary : consisting of several carpels — compare monocarpellary.

What is Apocarpous gynoecium?

Apocarpous gynoecium means the presence of more than one carpel and the carpels are separate or unfused. It is a primitive condition. The examples of Apocarpous gynoecium include -Strawberry and Buttercup.

What is the meaning of Polyandrous?

Definition of polyandry : the state or practice of having more than one husband or male mate at one time — compare polygamy, polygyny.

Is Apocarpous a rose?

-Apocarpous ovary: In these types of flowers an apocarpous ovary is present that has more than one carpel. These carpels are free. For example- lotus and rose and michelia flowers. Strawberry (Fragaria species), Buttercup (Ranunculus species) are also some of other examples of apocarpous gynoecium.

Is Lily Apocarpous or Syncarpous?

From the above-given options, Lotus belongs to apocarpous so the answer is lotus. And other options like Lilly and hollyhock and pumpkin all these three belong to Syncarpous.

What is Pentacarpellary?

adjective. Botany. Consisting of five carpels.

What is Polycarpellary gynoecium?

polycarpellary in British English (ˌpɒlɪkɑːˈpɛlərɪ ) adjective. (of a plant gynoecium) having or consisting of many carpels.